FDR & the Jews

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


A Great Mystery

Franklin Roosevelt, president of the United States from 1933 to 1945, was undoubtedly a principal enemy of the Jewish people. The evidence for this is considerable.

In 1924, Congress for the first time legislated immigration. Until then anyone could come to the United States at any time. From then on, however, a quota system was imposed to the effect that the number of immigrants who could come into the United States could be no greater than 2% of those ethnics already here in 1890.

This meant that hardly anyone from Eastern Europe would be admitted, while the quota  for Western Europe was very large.

This was particularly true of Germany, as innumerable Germans had come to America since colonial days. Therefore, when in January 1933 Adolf Hitler became dictator in Germany leading to the most brutal persecution of the Jewish population, the German quota was big enough so that all 680,000 German Jews could have come to the United States and escaped the gas ovens.

To make sure hardly any German Jews would be admitted, Roosevelt ordered American consulates to allow only 10% of Jewish applicants to gain entry into the United States. Therefore the number rescued from the Nazi horrors was far less than what Congress was willing to allow. Roosevelt sought the mass murder of the German Jews.

At an Internet conference in Evian, France, concerning emigration of German Jews to countries around the world. Roosevelt instructed the American representative that the United States will not take even one additional Jewish refugee.

When a German ship crowded with Jewish refugees arrived in Cuba, whose dictator Batista had already given entry visas to  the refugees, Batista changed his mind and refused the Jews entry. The German captain sailed along the United States coast and asked Franklin Roosevelt and the State Department to admit the few Jews on his ship. Roosevelt categorically would not allow the Jews to land, so that they were returned to Europe, where a substantial portion of them were murdered.

At a conference in Casablanca, Franklin Roosevelt told Winston Churchill that he could understand why the Nazis would kill the German Jews, as the Jews were too pushy and had occupied too many positions as doctors and lawyers.

Despite the evidence that Roosevelt was a deliberate enemy of the Jewish people, American Jews, with few exceptions, kept voting for Roosevelt four times. Is there any other ethnic group who would vote for its enemy?

Donald Trump, the 44th man to be president of the United States (there are only 44, not 45 as the media pretend) has done more for the Jewish people than any president before him.

President Trump moved the American Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He recognized the Golan Heights as a legitimate part of the land of Israel. He no longer allowed our treasury to contribute large sums of money to the terrorist Palestinians, with which they paid those who murder Jews.

He removed the Palestinian embassy in Washington DC and he reduced money given the United Nations for transfer to the Palestinians. He appointed an Orthodox Jew as ambassador to Israel and he gave the Israeli Air Force the latest American plane, the F 35.

He appointed a United Nations ambassador who defended Israel at all sessions devoted to the denunciation of the Jewish people, and he welcomed Prime Minister Netanyahu to the White House, unlike his predecessor Obama.

Obviously, President Trump is the best friend the Jewish people ever had in the White House. Yet American Jews in overwhelming numbers vote for the Democrats, who spread anti-Jewish hatred throughout the country by means of members of the House of Representatives.

The so-called leaders of the Jewish community denounce President Trump every day, while supporting those who would love to send the American Jewish population to the gas ovens.

Mystery. Why are we the only ethnic group who denounce our friends and support our enemies?

Shalom uívracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including The American Drug Culture (with Dr. Thomas S. Weinberg & Dr. Ursula A. Falk, 2018).

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