Left Wing Fanaticism


Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk



The word "liberal" once meant to convey the view that all opinions are equally welcome and that those who disagreed with oe another were willing to listen to views other than their own. Today, in the 21st century, American "liberals," who also call themselves "progressives," refuse to listen to any view contrary to their beliefs and penalize anyone who expresses an opinion which contradicts theirs. "Liberals" now become angry and violent if someone expresses support for a political view of which they disapprove. "Liberals” want to abolish the right to free speech and the right to freely assemble or to publish book or other communication not in agreement with “liberal” ideas. Like the Nazi party which ruled Germany between 1933 and 1945 or the Catholic Inquisition of the fifteenth and sixteenth century, or the horrendous North Korean dictatorship, American liberals wish to establish in the United States a one party police state which makes erstwhile citizens subjects to the dictates of "liberals" on penalty of losing one’s job or business or ending in prison for deviant views. Therefore "liberalism" is a religion which, like all religions, is not founded on reason, but on beliefs supported by emotions taught in childhood and enforced by dictatorial methods. Religion needs no proof of its opinions. The sun stood still during the battle of Jericho because a preacher and a book say so. The founder of Christianity returned from the dead because a book and a number of preachers, priests ad clergy insist on this event and because those who disagree are slaughtered like cattle in gas ovens, starved to death, shot, beaten, and murdered at will. The victims of the "liberal" religion are themselves to blame for all their persecutions as they, the victims, refuse to believe in the "liberal" religion.

This means that today, one half of Americans labeled Jewish by the media are atheists and/or agnostics. Their religion is "liberalism," not Judaism. Only the ignorant journalists call people Jewish because their name appears to be Jewish. In fact, the USA has only three million Jewish Citizens, as another three million have joined the "liberal" denomination, which preaches hate against all who disagree with them and whom the "liberals" want to silence at all costs. 

“Liberals" live in a world similar to that of all religious fanatics. In that world any method at all is justified in the name of the "liberal" religion. “Liberals" are therefore entitled to lie, to steal, to kill, and to imprison anyone who opposes them in any manner, for their religion teaches them they are always right and are entitled to perpetual power over all other men. This means the end of American democracy if the so called liberals win. 

It also means the end of the United States as a country, because there are millions of Americans who will not tolerate living in a North Korea like dictatorship without any rights or privileges as listed in our constitution. The outcome of the effort to turn the USA into a fascist country will be that many Western states will secede from the union even as the huge number of Spanish-Americans will vote to return California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Florida to Mexico, thereby ending the United States.  A civil war is also possible.

Arnold Toynbee and other historians have shown how numerous nations and even the Roman empire disappeared because the inhabitants allowed all foreigners to enter and become the majority  who care nothing for the language, the history, the values, and the common identity of citizens. This is now happening here. Why should someone from Honduras know anything about freedom of speech or freedom of religion, both of which are now under attack by the Democrats who seek to abolish our constitution and rule forever by decree as in China, North Korea, Saudi, Venezuela, and formerly Germany, Italy, Japan, and the Soviét Union. Those, like Bernie Sanders, who hate democracy and Jews, will find that they themselves will be the first victims of the one party police state they seek to impose on all of us.

Shalom u'vracha.

 Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Gender, Sex, & Status (2019).

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