Leftist Beliefs

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk



A Liberal Manifesto

A manifesto is a declaration by a king or dictator concerning what may be believed or spoken under his jurisdiction. A manifesto may also be a religious pronouncement listing what the believers shall believe without doubt or question. An example is the “Nicene Creed” imposed on all Christians in 325. Likewise the believers in the religion called “LIBERALISM” have developed a creed, or a list of dogmas, which all liberals must support and do support without thought, without discussion, without doubt. It is a list of certainty no more to be scrutinized than the teachings of the Quran or the doctrines of Karl Marx.

Here is the liberal dogma which all believers hold sacred.

Dogma No. One. That government is best that governs the most. Our third president, Thomas Jefferson, said “that government is best that governs the least.” Liberals believe the opposite and act accordingly. For example: In California, “liberal” bureaucrats rerouted the Klamath river so that 35 thousand farmers lost their jobs as 300,000 acres could no longer be farmed. The reason is that the water must be used to permit the 3” smelt fish to perpetuate itself. Never mind the unemployed people.

Liberals in San Francisco have attempted to prohibit the inclusion of toys in McDonald's “happy meals” on the grounds that the “liberals” don’t approve of the food served there.

In New York, restaurants have been prohibited from using salt in cooking. Here we have liberals telling us what we may eat.

A petition drive in San Francisco seeks to prohibit circumcision. This is a direct assault on the Jewish religion. This is not surprising since “liberals” are traditionally anti-Jewish. A similar law was decreed in Nazi Germany in 1934.

The “Obama care” law, now one year old, tells physicians who may have health care and who may not. It condemns to death anyone who needs health care but is not approved by ”liberal” bureaucrats who have never seen the patient. That law also forces all Americans to buy health insurance and forces employers to buy health insurance for their employees. Since health insurance is very expensive, small businesses cannot hire new employees because they cannot afford the health insurance. “Liberals” don’t care if the unemployed find no work.

Dogma No. Two. Freedom of speech cannot be allowed except for supporters of “liberal” causes. Example: Whenever a speaker is invited to hold a public speech and the speaker is suspected of not supporting the “liberal” agenda, “liberals” crowd into the hall and scream loudly so the speaker cannot be heard and must abandon his speech.

Dogma No. Three. Freedom of the press cannot be allowed. On major university campuses, numerous groups publish literature promoting their opinions. “Liberals” seize any publications not to their liking and burn them. Moreover,  the “liberal” press, i.e. ninety percent of American newspapers, suppress any event not supporting “liberal” causes. For example, no American newspaper and no television program except Glenn Beck said one word about the slaughter of a family of five Jews, including a baby, stabbed to death by Palestinian terrorists in the village of Itamar. The massacre of Jews does not interest the media. They only publish their limited agenda but not the news.

Dogma No. Four. All white men are racists. There is no need to prove this in any fashion. It is believed and therefore “the truth.”

Dogma No. Five.  All minority people are supporters of civil rights. Example: The Rev. Al Sharpton, “civil rights leader” and “liberal,” stood in front of a Jewish owned clothing store screaming “burn down the Jew store.” His followers did so and seven employees died. Sharpton is nevertheless the hero of the “liberal establishment.”

When Lemrick Nelson stabbed Yankel Rosenbaum to death on a street in Brooklyn, the “minority” jury found Nelson not guilty and then gave a party for killer. Nelson and a gang of Sharpton followers surrounded Rosenbaum, who was wearing black clothes and a beard, and screamed “get the Jew.” Nelson stabbed Rosenbaum, who identified his killer to the police before he died.  “Liberals” find nothing wrong with the murder of Rosenbaum. The victim was at fault, according to liberals.

Dogma No. Six. No one has the right to improve himself by hard work or investments or any other means. An immigrant who works his way up from standing on the docks of Hoboken in the winter without an overcoat has no right to earn money or gain an education. His possessions must be taken away from him and given to someone who never worked but is using numerous drugs. Ambition must come to an end and all who have made an effort to improve their lives need to find out that they should have remained poor.

Dogma No. Seven. Higher and higher taxes must be imposed so as to finance the lifestyles of the idle bureaucrats in Washington and their employers, the government “of the liberals, by the liberals and for he liberals,” and no one else.

The catechism of “liberal” beliefs is much longer. The dogmas included are held sacred by the believers. They are followed blindly and without thought or discussion. They are “the truth” which its promoters hope to impose on all Americans so that democracy will come to and end and all Americans will pledge allegiance to this creed.

May that day never come.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including The American Criminal Justice System (2010).

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