The Erosion of American Democracy

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


The American Police State


     Recently numerous police departments in this country installed camcorders at street corners and other places designed to supervise the population. The video images created by these means allow the police to discover who talks to whom and, by lip reading, what is said, who enters a building, what people buy, and what each of us wears. In short, the police know all about us and can use this information in any manner they please.

     In addition, it is now well known that the federal government spies on all email and all telephone calls and stores the information electronically. This serves to give bureaucrats the opportunity to penalize anyone who says, writes, or believes anything at all, and most important, to intimidate those who vote for or support Republicans.

     Now Senator Diane Feinstein, a Democrat, has revealed that the Central Intelligence Agency has spied on the deliberations of the Senate Intelligence Committee and other Senate functions. Nothing is more indicative of a police state mentality than the effort of the administration to intimidate the elected legislature. Once Congress becomes the sycophant of the president, democracy is finished and tyranny becomes the rule.

     Added to all of this is the constant and endless interference of mindless bureaucrats, federal, state, and local, in every detail of our citizens' lives. Now the bureaucrats seek to dictate what we may eat, what insurance we carry, what we may say, and what we may believe. Consider how the bosses seek to force “The Little Sisters of the Poor,” a Catholic order, to agree to abortion, which is abhorrent to Catholics and others. This is a direct attack on the First Amendment to the Constitution, which heretofore guaranteed freedom of religion.

     In an effort to do away with the 2nd Amendment, Gov. Cuomo of New York and the Democrats in Albany have passed the so-called “Safe Act,” which seeks to disarm the citizens of New York. Consider that 6 million Jews were slaughtered in the European gas ovens because they had no weapons with which to defend themselves.

     Now anyone who knows only a minimum about Jewish history has learned that Jews are always the first victims of any dictatorship. Of course, the United States is not a dictatorship - yet. Dictators rule for life and are supported by the armed forces. That has not happened here yet. However, a police state lends itself eventually to become a totalitarian, one party tyranny. This is the end game of the Democrats. Unfortunately, a large number of Jews have voted for the abolition of freedom in this country, as it has become obvious that the Democrat party seeks to abolish all the rights of the individual as they reduce the Constitution to a meaningless scrap of paper.

     The reason for this shift from democracy to tyranny lies in the great changes in the American population over the past 20 years. Innumerable immigrants have entered this country who know nothing of freedom or democracy and who are accustomed to tyranny in their home country. These people know nothing of the history of democracy, which developed slowly in England and was enshrined in our Constitution by Jefferson and Washington and all who fought and died for our liberty over the years.

     Of course, our Jewish population knows all about the Declaration of the Rights of Man, the Declaration of Independence, and the writings of Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau and the Social Contract. All that history gave us our freedom, which Democrats seek to abolish with the help of our Jewish brethren, who should have heard of what happened to us among those oppressors.

     It is now not too late to rid ourselves of the American police state. Let it therefore not be said among future historians that we, the American Jews, were willing and enthusiastic supporters of the end of American freedom.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Assassination, Anarchy, & Terrorism (2012).

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