Austrian Nazis

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk




The German-speaking citizens of Vienna call their city Wien (Veen). The capital of Austria, it is known all over the world as the city of music and dancing and enjoyment. Vienna is the city where the Jewish waltz king Johann Strauss composed The Beautiful Blue Danube (Die Schöne Blaue Donau) and his father, Johann Strauss Senior, composed The Radetsky March, which is always the last piece of music played by the Viennese Symphony Orchestra on New Year’s Day. Every year American television broadcasts that New Year’s Day concert from Vienna. The concert is performed in the Viennese opera house, which is absolutely beautiful. In addition to the music, there is dancing on the part of the Vienna Ballet and various sights of that beautiful city are also seen during that TV broadcast.

It would be hard to convince the unsuspecting viewer that they’re looking at a gang of murderers and robbers when they view the well-dressed audience attending the concert and clapping enthusiastically after each waltz, or song or dance. Yet the truth cannot be denied, however the Viennese seek to rewrite history and pretend that they were somehow the victims of Nazi aggression. The truth is that when the German army marched into Austria in 1936, the Austrians stood in the streets screaming with joy at the sight of their native son Hitler traveling through the city in an open car. Not only did the Viennese welcome the German army and the Führer, they did a lot more than that to ensure their allegiance to Nazi ideology.

As soon as the German army had occupied the city and before the persecution of Viennese Jews had even been announced by the Nazi invaders, the citizens of Vienna invaded Jewish homes, dragged  the Jews, women, men, and children, into the streets, and forced them to scrub the streets with toothbrushes. Mothers brought their children to see this spectacle, as Viennese citizens roared with laughter at the misery of the Jews. To this day, the Viennese citizens old enough to have been there remember those days with great satisfaction, while the descendants who were not there enjoy the cheerful memories of their grandparents. The fact is that the Christian population of Vienna could not get enough enjoyment from seeing Jews scrubbing the streets with toothbrushes.  To make the enjoyment even greater, numerous citizens doused the Jews engaged in this awful work with acid.. Some Jews were even forced to eat grass as the crowd stood and watched and cheered,

The Viennese who committed these atrocities were not a small group of fanatic Nazis. No, they were the average citizens. It has been estimated that at least 100,000 Viennese ransacked through Jewish homes looking for money and jewelry, which they stole and which their descendants have in their possession to this day. The Viennese citizens also robbed the Jewish homes of valuable artwork and enriched themselves by stealing all the furniture, clothes, children’s toys, and anything else they could possibly find. Viennese citizens plundered Jewish owned department stores, burnt down synagogues, and beat Jews in the streets. Crowds cheered loudly as the beards of the rabbis were shorn. All Jewish businesses were stolen, and the thieves thereafter operated these businesses for their own profit. Of the 68 Jewish banks, all but eight were smashed. Of the 70,000 homes once occupied by the Jews in Vienna, almost all were appropriated by Christians.

It is significant that the Night of the Crystal Glass of November 10 to 11th 1938 was carefully orchestrated in Germany. Yet the persecution of the Jewish Viennese needed no orchestration. It was the spontaneous act of the majority of Viennese citizens, who equally enjoyed that a number of Viennese Jews committed suicide.

Today there are 6988 Jews in Vienna in a city of 1.87 million. This tiny community is segregated from the city in that they live in a small area they call Kosherland. All of these Jews came to Austria from Russia and other countries after the Second World War. Their chances of survival are questionable. Their permanent discrimination and status as second-class human beings is certain.

Like all European Jews, they are  constantly looking over their shoulder to see how much longer they can survive, in view of the general European assault on the few Jews still living in that bloody continent.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including End of the Patriarchy (2015).

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