The Fogel Family Murders

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk





     The murder of an entire Jewish family by Palestinian killers in the village of Itamar demonstrates once more that there is only one dispute between the Jewish people and the Palestinians and their supporters. That one dispute is that the Palestinians are firmly convinced that no Jew, no child of a Jewish mother, has a right to live on this globe.  Therefore, the Palestinian killers entered a home and cut the throats of a father, a mother, and three of their children, including a small baby.

      From the Palestinian point of view such butchery is fully justified since even the slaughtered baby was an “Untermensch,” a subhuman, as the friends of the Palestinian cause call us.

      It is therefore obvious that nothing will appease the Palestinian murderers except the death of every Jew still alive. In this they are strengthened by the support they receive, not only from the 1.5 billion Muslims in this world, but also, believe it or not, from such former Jews as those who publish Tikkun magazine. Tikkun actually blames the victims of this slaughter  The general argument of the Israel haters is that no Jew has a right to live in Jerusalem, Judea or Samaria, and that the killing of babies is fully justified because 429,000 Jews live in Jerusalem and another 5,671,000 live in Judea, Samaria and the coastal cities.

      According to Israel’s enemies, no Jew has right to live in any of these places. We heard that sermon before. In 1933 we were told that no Jew had a right to live in Germany. Then, in 1939 it turned out that no Jew had a right to live in Poland. After that we discovered that no Jew had a right to live in Russia, Lithuania, the Balkan states or, for that matter, anywhere. The killers meant what they said and 6 million of us were slaughtered to the applause of the world.

      Now the same arguments confront Israel. No Jew has a right to live in Jerusalem, say the Arab baby killers and their friends. No Jew has right to live in Judea or Samaria or Galil or Tel Aviv or anywhere. Once more we are confronted with the Arab equivalent of “Juden ‘raus”. Now, where should all these Jews go? Well, the baby killers have an answer to that too. Into their graves, of course. “Kill the Jews,” scream the Arab brutes as they bellow their hate in mosques, schools, and public demonstrations.

      A rational person seeing this would assume that the 13 million Jews left in this world  would do everything possible to prevent yet another Holocaust. Unfortunately, that is not the case. American Jews, utterly divorced from Jewish history, include those who agitate for the destruction of Israel and promote the cause of Israel’s Arab enemies. Foremost among these is a magazine called Tikkun. According to that journal, the family knifed to death in their homes at Itamar were themselves to blame for their slaughter. According to Tikkun, the Jews are at fault for even being there.

     We heard that argument before. The Jews had no right to even be in Poland in 1939 and now have no right to be in Itamar or anywhere else. The editors of Tikkun even called the publication of pictures of the Itamar massacred disgusting. They do not mean that the murders are disgusting. According to Tikkun it is disgusting for an Israeli official to display the pictures of the stabbed to death children, as such evidence of Arab brutality insults Arab  sensibility. Tikkun even denies that the Arabs seek to kill Jews and that the Arabs hope for another Holocaust, a mass genocide.

     Yet, Arabs themselves, by an overwhelming majority, tell interviewers that if Israel were to cede all the territory the Arabs now claim for their potential state, then they, the Arabs, would at once attack whatever would the be left of Israel so as to finally “wipe Israel off he map.” Of course, that is visible to any observer.  Without Judea, Samaria and Jerusalam, Israel becomes defenseless. The “Palestinian state” will become a launching pad for rockets and other weapons of mass destruction to be used against a minimal Israeli territory. Israel would be overwhelmed by a huge Arab army of at least 30 million men, considering that 300 million Arabs could field an army of ten percent of the population, not even considering the 1.5 billion Muslims backing them.

     Of  course, the Tikkun Jews are not new among Jews who have sided with our enemies over the years. As early as the 1st century, a Jew named Barnabas denounced his own people in writing and provoked anti-Jewish riots in Alexandria, where he lived. In later years persecutions of Jews in Europe were encouraged and promoted by some Jews. For example, in 1509 a Jew named Pfefferkorn claimed that the Talmud insults Christianity. This led to the burning of the Talmud and the persecution of German Jews. In our own day we saw the “Reichsbund Jüdischer Frontsoldaten” pussyfoot with Hitler while some Jews “converted’ to Roman Catholicism in the Ghetto and denounced other Jews to the SS.

     Another anti Israel cabal calls itself “J Street.” These people encourage President Obama, in any case a Muslim sympathizer, to deprive Israel of defensive weapons and to force the territorial concessions the baby killers want. Sitting in comfort in the U.S.A., they remind us of the American Jews of two generations ago who did nothing to help us in face of the Nazi horrors, although some organizations collected money on our behalf which was then spent on “executive directors” attending conferences and eating well in major hotels.

     Let those who blame the Jewish victims go to Israel and live there awhile and learn what it means to be threatened by the mindless hatred, brutal indifference to human life, and utter disregard for even a minimum of humanity by the Arab haters, and see if they could tolerate even one week what our Jewish brethren face, year in and year out.

     Those who constantly criticize Israel make it appear legitimate to murder Jews. For surely, if Tikkun and “J Street” denounce the Jewish community in Israel, why is it so wrong to murder the targets of the denunciation?

      Tikkun, aren’t you proud of having supported the killers all these years?  

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including The American Criminal Justice System (2010).

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