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Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk



The New York Times & Other Anti-Jewish Jews


Jews are major supporters of the New York Times because that paper is “liberal”. If that is the case then “liberal” and Jew hater must be the same thing, as indicated by the  bigotry within the pages of The Times. 

The New York Times is publicly owned but presided over by Arthur Sulzberger, a man who constantly repeats that he is an Episcopalian and not a Jew. Of course, his paternal family were all Jews, as was the founder of The Times, Adolf Ochs, whose son-in-law Sulzberger inherited it.

Although the haters pretend that The Times is Jewish owned and does the bidding of “the Jews”, the opposite is the case. Now, as always, The Times has either ignored attacks against Jews or participated in such attacks and/or praised Jew haters.

Laurel Leff has written a book called Buried by the Times:  The Holocaust and America’s Most Important Newspaper. This plainly shows that The Times ignored the mass murder of the European Jews at a time when the owners were the Jewish family Sulzberger.

Today, The Times pretends not to know that Hamas, the Arab terrorist gang, seeks to kill all Jews, wherever they may be. Instead, The Times portrays this gang of killers as a social service organization. Likewise, Hizbollah, another Nazi Arab gang of murderers, is labeled by The Times as a social, agricultural and welfare organization.

The Times also ignored the anti-Jewish hate speeches delivered at Democratic National Headquarters by numerous congressmen under the leadership of John Conyers, who distributed anti-Jewish literature at that occasion. This was reported in detail by the Washington Post and other newspapers.

One of the most notorious Jew haters in America is Louis Farrakhan, whose friend Al Sharpton indulges in similar hate tirades. Yet, The Times calls these monsters “dignitaries”.

The Times is also a great supporter of anti-Jewish professors. They praise Joseph Masad, a Columbia University professor who teaches nothing but uses his classroom to spew hate against Jews. The Times never publishes one word about the rampant anti-Jewish rhetoric at the United Nations but criticized former Mayor of New York Giuliani for kicking Yasser Arafat out of the Lincoln Center.

The former prime minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohammed, blamed “the Jews” for his financial problems and held a speech to an assembly of Muslim ambassadors which would have done Hitler proud. This prompted Times reporter Paul Krugman to “explain” the reasoning behind this hate and to justify the attack on Jews in the columns of the paper. It should be recalled that our President, George W. Bush, publicly denounced Mahathir’s hate orgy.

The Times was incensed because a Muslim girl was deported for associating with anti-Jewish haters in this country and reviewed a Palestinian anti-Jewish film positively, calling homicide bombers “all too human”.

The Times constantly pretends that the security barrier Israel has built to protect themselves from murder is a “Berlin Wall” and calls Israelis “Nazis”. This charge is made by the so-called Jew Thomas Friedman, who is the darling of the “liberal” Jewish community.

Anti-Jewish advertisements are common in The Times. Included are cartoons of Jews manipulating Congress as the flag of Israel flies from the dome of the Capitol, even as The Times denies the right of Jews to be in Jerusalem.

Although the Times constantly defends the most vicious anti-American and anti-Jewish hate speeches by Muslim clergy, they denounced Elie Wiesel’s book Night and doubt the veracity of Wiesel’s account of his holocaust experiences. In addition the Times participates with other haters in the canard that Jews are disloyal to the U.S. and that Jews are responsible for the Iraq war. 

All this leads us to review a gang of former Jews who now find it convenient to denounce their erstwhile co-religionists. Prominent among these is of course the so-called Professor Norman Finkelstein who “teaches” at DePaul University and has made a name for himself among Arab hate mongers for denouncing Jews and Judaism from every mosque around the world. De Paul University is the same school which fired Professor Klocek for saying that Arabs commit terrorism.

Finkelstein is a protégé of Noam Chomsky, a linguist who does research at MIT. Chomsky’s hate of Jews is limitless. He sided with the murderous Sheikh Nasrallah when he signed a letter supporting the attack on Israel by the Lebanese terrorists Hizbollah and Hamas.

There is also a professor of history at New York University, Tony Judt. An erstwhile Jew, Judt attacks Jews as “fascists” who rule America and forced the U.S. to attack the entire Middle East.

There is also Michael Neumann, who wrote a whole book called The Case Against Israel, and Shraga Elam, who claims that Hitler had nothing to do with Auschwitz.

There are even Jewish members in the International Solidarity Movement who seek to engage in “an armed struggle” for “the liberation of Palestine”. These people participate in homicide bombings and killing of Israeli Jews.  Israel Shahak even defends the Chmielnicki murder of Jews in Eastern Europe long before the Holocaust on the grounds that Jews profited from the enslavement of Russian peasants.

There is of course a lot more. How can this hate of Jews for other Jews be explained?

Jews who attack other Jews become instantly popular with Arab and other hate mongers. Like Finkelstein, an obscure teacher at an obscure school, they get a great deal of publicity, make a lot of money as their rantings are sold in Arab bookstores and publicized on television, enjoy travel to anti-Jewish conferences and are “important”.

These Jewish haters want to associate with the powerful. They fear that the hate mongers will win and they will be victims together with all other Jews. By associating with the haters, they see themselves safe and on the side of one billion Muslims instead of only 14 million Jews. This is called the Stockholm Syndrome in reference to the abduction of several people by criminals in Sweden . On being freed, the victims sided with their abductors, as did Patty Hearst, who had been kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army.

Anti-Jewish Jews are of course not new in Jewish history. As early as the 1st Century, a Jew named Barnabas published hate material against his erstwhile fellow Jews. He had converted to another religion and subsequently originated all the ancient canards against us such as “Christ killers” and other epithets having to do with poisoning the drinking water or drinking human blood etc. In Martin Luther’s (1485-1546) day, a Jew named Pfefferkorn claimed that the Talmud incited Jews against Christians. Since few non-Jews could read Hebrew, Pfefferkorn was believed until a Christian who did know Hebrew denounced Pfefferkorn as a liar. Yet the damage was done. All copies of the Talmud that could be discovered were burned and Jews were murdered and expelled from their homes.

During the Nazi persecutions of our own day, some Jews sent Hitler a telegram siding with him and his policies. Hitler had them arrested and murdered.

Let us be sure to understand that despite the evil influence of these former Jews, they cannot win. They lose in every generation because, come what may, we are indestructible. We are eternal. We are the Chosen People. We gave the Torah to the world. We are the very foundation of all human civilization and we will never “perish from the earth”.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including The Restoration of Israel (2006).

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