Standing Together

Commentary by Dr. Ursula A. Falk



Jewish Brethren Awake!


We as a people say “Never, Never Again” when it comes to the Holocaust.  Have we so soon forgotten?  When listening to what some of our “brethren” are doing and thinking I realize that they have forgotten.  We are allegedly the chosen people, the people of the book, the bright ones, the educated ones.  Where is our intelligence when we form groups such as Jews for Obama?  When we give our hard earned resources to people who seek to destroy us?  When we keep still when we are denounced by our enemies and join and agree with them?  When we have no self respect?  When we join such groups as “Jews for Jesus”? We have brainwashed ourselves and believe such diatribes that our daughters are “J. A. P. S., that gentile girls make much better wives and that our men are money grubbing greedy capitalists who are likened to Shakespeare’s (antisemite’s) Shylock?

Do we not recall when two bright young Jewish men in an attempt to help the black population joined the group of Afro Americans in the March on Mississippi during the civil rights marches?  Do you remember that these boys were killed, had given their lives for social justice and do you also remember they were soon forgotten by the black population and shortly thereafter were not only minimized but their deeds ignored as if they had never existed?  How about the Jews who admire Farrakhan, the black leader who curses us and would destroy us if he somehow could.  How about Jessie Jackson, who calls New York “Hymie Town” alluding to the city in which our fellow religionists reside?

   What is it that makes us so blind, so self destructive that we turn against ourselves?  Do we want to join our opponents because they seem to be stronger than we are?  Why do we marry outside of our religion - to lose our hated minority status?  Do we want to be unique and view ourselves as we believe outsiders view us?  Are we so afraid of our opponents that we want to disappear, never to be persecuted again? 

Very recently, namely in March of 2008, I heard a prominent announcer on the radio station, when speaking to an attorney with an obviously Irish name, refer to a trial in which a Jewish attorney is the spokesman for a defendant in an important trial. The announcer asked the gentile lawyer derisively  on the radio whether now that the criminal case has been settled, and the civil case has begun, is “one of those Jew attorneys”  a member in his law firm. When the Irishman firmly stated that the Jew is not, the announcer said that people hire Jews to be their defenders because of their conniving natures.   Why don’t these hatemongers, these anti-semites, ever mention well known famous Jews like Albert Einstein, Jonas Salk, Irving Berlin and a host of many well known inventors, composers, philanthropists, etc. as examples?

We as Jews must reinforce all the good that we have achieved and what we have accomplished for all of humanity. We must stand together as a people, for our people and for the good of all of humanity!


Dr. Ursula A. Falk is a psychotherapist in private practice and the co-author, with Dr. Gerhard Falk, of  Deviant Nurses & Improper Patient Care (2006).

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