Commentary by Dr. Ursula A. Falk




Bilbulim are lies that have cost arrests, jail sentences, and sometimes death to the victims. This is happening today in the twenty first century in our America.  We have seen this historically and recently. Innocent human beings have been imprisoned for crimes that were committed by others.  The actual criminals were so clever that they managed to deny their deed and projected their guilt on an innocent human being.  The criminal has means of ridding himself of his deed and cleverly observes the victim with enjoyment and glee. We have seen this so often in history and also in today's world. We see it in our newspapers, when a person who was imprisoned for eons of years is released from prison when the real murderer is found or a once upon a time bystander tells the “true” story.  We read the Passover story, the birth and “adoption” of Moses by a princess.  His sister was his savior.  She did not want him murdered when he was floating in  a small boat because of his religion.  Hideous murderers were ignored and innocents were murdered.  This is an old story and much was already written in Biblical stories and more.  Hitler is a recent example of murders justified by falsehoods.  Six million of our Jewish people were destroyed because of the lies, the hatred of this man, and his insistence to kill all of us without mercy.  No one had pity on the innocent souls who were ridiculed, beaten, and thrown into death chambers and furnaces.  Their prayers were useless, as was their innocence.  There are a relatively small number who escaped the murders that occurred in Germany, Poland, and surroundings.  Our escape was a miracle, but it left its memories, our feelings, and our fears, to say nothing of the loss of our annihilated families in our lives and eternally in our thoughts and hearts.

Today, in the year 2017, we are not surprised that attacks are made on people who have won what they deserved through ambition, hard work, and attempts to right the wrongs that we have experienced too often.  The United States has been the best country in the world. It has had the most freedom, fairness, and opportunity that humankind has had in our “modern” world.  For the most part we Jewish people have been accepted, our intelligence has been admired, and murder was not expected or accepted.  Suddenly there has been a very sick side of the anti-Semitic folk who would like to hold innocent people, including the Jewish people, responsible for what the haters have not achieved or earned.  We can see it when the voting failed to allow the swindlers, the anti-semites, the hateful groups, to win the election.  They were so full of hatred that they damaged Jewish  graves and held the Jewish people responsible for not getting the votes that they wanted.  Anti-semites reared their ugly heads.  They were “courageous,” these cowards, because we are a tiny number of humanity and are easily destroyed.  The enemies of our people punished our dead in the cemeteries when actually they wanted to destroy us.  Their cowardly behavior did not allow them to shoot our innocent brethren lest they would feel retaliation from the living victims.  The shame is that the Democrats became the Jew haters and we, the fools that we are, swore that the Democrats love us all and are our friends (a mistaken notion).   We must remember “Judas Beware.”  Let us open our eyes and realize that the haters of our people have become our enemies and we their scapegoats.

We are very fortunate that Trump is our chosen president!  He is pro Jewish; recognizes our intelligence our strength our honesty.  He is in reality.  He is not deluding us (as did Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who refused to let us into the United States of America and allowed the Nazis to kill us in Germany).  Trump gave a true heartwarming speech; he was the person who received the votes from all of us who had the intelligence not to have the false notion that the Democrats are our friends.  Trump is doing everything in his power to be just, fair, and realistic to recognize what is normal, possible and what is destructive.  He wants to help his/our people to have jobs, opportunities and more.  He does not want non-American sadists to come into the country illegally, shoot and kill us indiscriminately, take away the livelihood of our citizens, and destroy democracy.  Trump has his flaws, as all of us have.  He is no magic angel who can make “it all good” like a parent for his child.  He has been successful in his ability to make a living and he wants to see all of us Americans do well and be able to support ourselves.  Especially as Jews, we must not be deluded or live in the past.  We must remember what is real and what is not.  No imagination must delude us like the delusional belief that Democrats are the righteous ones.  Reality and honest actions are what we must view.  The word democracy has deluded us at this time.  It is truth that is important, and healthy actions are what COUNTS!   


 Dr. Ursula A. Falk is a psychotherapist in private practice and the author of several books and articles.

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