Jew Haters

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk




     Europe has a population of 857 million, of whom 1.6 million are Jews. This means that the vast majority of Europeans have never seen a Jew. Nevertheless, anti-Jewish hate mongering, which is traditional in Europe, has reached a crescendo similar to that which existed in the 1930’s. From Ireland to the Ukraine, from Norway to Italy, anti-Jewish canards are broadcast by the media and in the churches. The leaders in those tirades are the priests of the Anglican Church, the official church of England. That clergy has returned to the pre-holocaust theology which claims that God hates the Jews for refusal to “believe on Jesus” and that Christianity is the legitimate successor of Judaism. That theory is called “replacement theology.” After the holocaust, Christian churches generally discarded that view and adopted “two covenant theology,” which holds that God made a contract with Abraham giving us the Holy Land and the Torah. According to that interpretation, God’s word cannot be abrogated by humans, so that Jews are accepted by God, as are Christians; hence “two covenants.” Now the Anglicans have returned to the earlier opinion which spews hatred against the Jewish people and seeks the destruction of Israel. Accordingly, Jews are blamed for everything wrong in this world and aggression against Jews is once more fashionable and legitimate.

     The Anglican church is of course the church founded by Henry VIII in  1534 when he and Parliament ended allegiance to the Pope and made Henry the head of the church called Anglican from then on.

     Today the Anglican church denounces Jews incessantly and is aided in this by the British media. Foremost in the attack on the Jews of England is The Guardian, the largest circulation newspaper in that country. According to The Guardian, “the Jews” are responsible for everything wrong in this world and should be driven out of England. Other British newspapers and also the BBC, the government owned broadcasting system, denounce Jews daily. According to these media the Nazi propaganda against the Jewish people is justified and the Muslim violence is legitimate.

     Similar hate is found in Poland, which has no Jews but does have a radio station entirely devoted to hatred of Jews, whom no Pole has ever seen since they and the Germans murdered all three million Polish Jews between 1939 and 1945.

     In France, Belgium and the Netherlands, Jew hatred is promoted by a very large Muslim population. This is also true of Norway, a former ally of Nazi Germany. Moreover, the countries which formed the erstwhile Soviet Union continue the age old religious bigotry which is evidently the only achievement they have ever attained.

     In Germany, a new Nazi party is gaining ground, even as more than twenty percent of Germans applaud the Holocaust with such comments “too bad Hitler didn’t kill all of them.” It is peculiar that 200,000 Russian Jews left that land of misery to settle in Germany, only to collect the hate which has made Germany famous.

     The consequence of the anti-Jewish campaign in Europe is that an ever larger number of European Jews have moved to Israel and to the United States. The stupid Muslims who instigate the hate in Europe have driven numerous Jews out of their European homes as they migrated to Israel and made the Jewish state stronger. For example, there are only 298,000 Jews in England today. Twenty years ago, England had 360,000 Jews. A similar exodus of Jews from France, Belgium, and the Netherlands to Israel has reduced the Jewish populations of those countries as well, since all three of these nations host large communities of Muslims who, together with native Jew haters, are making the lives of the European Jews intolerable.

     In this country, the Jew haters are primarily found in our universities. For example, Harvard University recently hosted an anti-Jewish conference. The speakers were all Holocaust deniers, Jew baiters, supporters of Nazi style persecutions, and advocates of mass murder of the Jewish people.

     Similar sentiments are found in almost all universities today, just as they were found in the German universities in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Then, as now, academics were and are at the forefront of those who seek to slaughter us down to the last baby, as advocated by Professors Walt and Mearsheimer and former president Jimmy Carter in their numerous publications.

    Therefore, American Jews need to stand up to these monsters of hate who are supported by the Democratic party. We have a choice. This November and before, we can repudiate Obama and his anti-Jewish supporters or we can become, once more, the agents of our own destruction.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Assassination, Anarchy, & Terrorism (2012).

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