Chas Freeman

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


The Betrayal of Israel


         Hatred begins with words, not deeds .Therefore, Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister, published a daily newspaper called DER VOLKISCHE BEOBACHTER or The Popular Observer. This ‘paper was entirely devoted to cursing Jews and spreading the lies about Jewish power, Jewish money, Jewish “blood” and any story both ancient and new designed to humiliate and exclude us until the Christian population found it legitimate to kill us.

       Today, the same tactics are used by the Israel haters, who are of course nothing more than religious bigots disguised as political opponents of the Jewish state. Among these Jew haters and admirers of the Nazi methods of 70 years ago is Chas Freeman, the president of the Middle East Policy Council,  an anti-Jewish propaganda instrument of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  This organization was formerly called the American Arab Affairs Council and is devoted to the sane kind of anti-Jewish hate as was once diffused by Goebbels.

       In fact, anyone familiar with the speeches and writings of Freeman will at once recognize the same litany preached by his Nazi forerunners seventy years ago. Now Freeman has been appointed CHAIRMAN OF THE NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE COUNCIL by President Obama. That is the same Obama for whom 80% of Jews voted in the last election. Since Freeman will have the opportunity to advise the President on foreign policy concerning Israel, it is a sure bet that Freeman will use the opportunity to spread his poison around the White House.

      According to Freeman, who would not be in that position if 80% of Jews had not voted for him, the Jews caused the war against Iraq. Freeman also calls Israel Nazis, claims Jews caused the depression, agrees with every ugly canard against the Jewish people and seeks the destruction of Israel.

       Freeman, who was literally catapulted into power by the Jewish vote, was at one time American ambassador to Saudi Arabia, a medieval dictatorship whose only exports have been oil and hate. Like Freeman, they deny the Holocaust, like Freeman, they bellow Jew hatred, and even revive the blood libel extant since the first century.

        It is of course evident that there are many other “experts” on foreign policy and the Middle East who could have been appointed chairman of the national intelligence council. So why pick Freeman when his anti-Jewish views are well known?  His speeches, his journal and his friends are all Jew baiters and hate mongers. So why appoint Freeman, unless Obama agrees with Freeman’s views?

      This disaster was of course foreseen. For two years before the election of November 2008 friends of Israel warned the Jewish community not to vote for a candidate and a party opposed to the survival of the 5.5 million Jews living in Israel. Yet, 80% of the Jewish people, not giving a hoot about those 5.5 million Jews, voted for our enemy just the same.

      It may be argued that the Jewish vote is so small, 1.8% of the American population, that we make no difference. The truth is that the electoral college makes the Jewish vote decisive in New York, Florida, Pennsylvania and California. Without those electoral votes, Freeman would not be in a position to undermine the lives of the citizens of Israel. Obviously we are our own worst enemies, because we not only vote for them, we even provide them with an excuse for their murderous intentions by allowing them to point to the Jewish vote as confirmation of their right to seek Israel’s destruction.

     Recent polls show that only 36% of Democrats side with Israel and 64% favor the Arab killers. The same polls show that 86% of Republicans favor the survival of Israel. So whose side are we on?

     Those of us who had the good fortune of surviving the Nazi nightmare are not really surprised at these developments. After all, the American Jewish community did nothing to help us then and allowed millions to die because agency executives used the money collected for the rescue of the German Jews to pay themselves bloated salaries and travel expenses even as the Jews traveled to Auschwitz in cattle cars.

      Even those Jews who pretend that the fate of Israel is of no meaning to them need to remember that there is no difference between anti-Zionists and anti-Jews. No such distinction exists, so that even the most uninterested Jew will find that, like it or not, the haters will get them too. Indeed, it applies to us that “if we don’t hang together we will hang separately”.

      Now is the time for the Jews in the Democratic Party to loudly and vehemently object to the appointment of Freeman, a reincarnation of every anti-Jewish hater who ever shed our blood, stole our property, imprisoned us in ghettos and blamed all the world’s evils on the Jewish people. May Hashem protect us all from Freeman and friends.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Fraud (2007).

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