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Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Al Gore, the Anglican Church and the Jews


On February 12, 2006, the former Vice President of the United States, Al Gore, spoke at a conference in Saudi Arabia. Called the Jeddah Economics Forum, the conference was principally engaged in attacking Israel and the United States. Funded by Bin Laden and family called The Saudi Bin Laden Group, it also included such sponsors as Saudi Airlines, Saudi Basic Industries, etc.

Although on foreign soil, Gore attacked his own country, sympathized with the 9/11 hijackers and mass killers and excoriated our government for rounding up Arab terrorists. Gore would not defend Israel, which was of course demonized during the conference. Since Gore is an oil millionaire and a major stock holder in Occidental Petroleum and other such companies, it is not surprising that Gore panders to the Arab haters.

What is surprising is that the majority of Jewish voters voted for “Oily Al” in the 2000 election. In that contest, 81% of Jewish voters sided with OA. In 2004 that percentage had declined to 25% because at least some Jews recognized that George W. Bush supports the survival of Israel and the Democrats do not. In fact, it can easily be shown that while all Democrats are by no means anti-Jewish, the major anti-Jewish hate mongers are all Democrats. In addition to Gore there is Hillary Clinton, who loves Mrs. Arafat so much she kissed her in public after Arafat said that the Jews poison the wells, a real medieval canard worthy of the worst accusations of the Middle Ages.

Cynthia McKinney, a Congresswoman from Atlanta, Georgia, is also a Democrat. She votes regularly for resolutions seeking to cut aid to Israel. She would not vote for a resolution condemning the anti-Jewish hate speeches of Khalid Mohammed, an associate of the hate monger Farrakhan.

Another prominent Democrat is Al Sharpton, the Democrats' David Duke. Sharpton organized an attack on the Chassidic Jews of Crown Heights in 1991, leading to the murder of the rabbinic student Yankel Rosenbaum, who was stabbed to death by Sharpton followers. In 1995 Sharpton organized an anti-Jewish rally outside a Jewish owned clothing store. Shouting “Burn down the Jew store,” his followers set the store afire and killed seven people.

Then there is former President Jimmy Carter, who now advocates for Hamas, the terrorists who have murdered over 400 Israelis. Carter wants us to support these killers, since he sees nothing wrong with killing Jews but worries about the poor Palestinians. Carter has a long history of anti-Jewish conduct, including a speech in Switzerland in which he said that if he had been reelected to a second term he would have instituted “the final solution” to the Jewish problem. Hitler’s very words.

We could name a large number of other such bigots, all Democrats, who seek to turn this country into another England for the Jewish population. You are astonished. Isn’t England our friend? Well, if you believe this, why don’t you look right now at the Guardian, England’s largest newspaper. You can read on your computer how the Guardian demonizes the Jewish community every day. This is also true of the BBC, the tax funded British Broadcasting Corporation, which rants against Jews at least twice a day or more often. Most malicious of all English institutions is the Anglican church. Their priests attack Jews each Sunday. Anti-Jewish sermons are the rule among Anglicans, as they revive the ancient lore that God had abandoned the Jews in favor of the church; that all Jews are forever cursed because all Jews living now are "Christ killers", that Jews are all Shylocks, etc. etc. etc. These are the very propositions which the Catholic church has forever rejected in its historic document Nostra Aetate (In Our Age) and which Pope John XXIII emphatically denounced at his visit to the Rome synagogue.

Pope Benedict XVII again rejected this Medieval claptrap on his visit to the Cologne synagogue this year after the Roman Catholic church went so far as to announce that Jews need not be converted to Christianity as Jews are “our elder brothers” and “saved” by means of the Covenant with Abraham. 

In short, the 1.2 billion Roman Catholics have literally embraced the Jewish community even as the Anglicans continue their hate mongering sixty years after the Holocaust.

Indeed, Jewish life in England is very tense and troubling. In the end, the 350,000 English Jews may be forced to move to the United States or Israel to escape the persecution sought by the Anglican church and its supporters. This is also true of other European countries, where large Muslim populations are fueling hatred. Only last week the media reported that in Pakistan the anti-Denmark demonstrations included placards praising Hitler. This is also true among the Scottish Presbyterians, who are incessantly bombarded with “Christ killer” propaganda.

Wake up, Jews, and be glad George W. Bush is our President. Had Gore been elected, Israel would receive no support and we American Jews would be forced to oppose his anti-Israel policies, only to be regarded as traitors to our country for such opposition. Thank God for the electoral college. As the German proverb puts it: “Der Mensch denkt und Gott lenkt”.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Football & American Identity (2005) &  Youth Culture and the Generation Gap (2005) with Dr. Ursula A. Falk.

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