Anti-Semitism as a Social Movement


Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Semites and Anti-Semites

The most successful social movement in history is “anti-semitism”. Now, we Jews are not semites unless we live in Israel and Hebrew is our language. A semite is someone whose native tongue is a semitic language like Hebrew, Arabic or Aramaic. The 100,000 Jews who now live in Germany are not semites. They speak German as did the 580,000 Jews who lived there before 1933. However, in 1873 the German journalist Wilhelm Marr invented the slogan “anti-semitism” when he founded “The League of Anti-semites” whose purpose it was to drive all Jews out of Germany and destroy all vestiges of Jewish life anywhere else, if possible.

The Torah tells us that Noah had three sons, Sem, Ham and Japeh. After the Great Flood the sons of Noah settled in three different parts of the earth, Shem or Sem, remained in the area of Syria and Israel. (Genesis 10-11) Therefore, the early German student of languages, Johan Eichhorn labeled the languages spoken in Israel, Lebanon and all of the Arab countries semitic languges. Hebrew is therefore a semitic languge according to linguists who classify languages related to one another.

A semite is therefore a person whose native tongue is either Hebrew, Arabic, or Aramaic. Marr, however, claied that Jews are a race, not a religion, and that Jews are racially or biologically different from all of humanity . He therefore called Jews semites. According to Marr, Jews destroy all superior cultures,  meaning the German culture. He argued that Germans are Aryans, a superior race who must not be contaminated by semitic blood and that therefore all Jews must be removed from Germany. Marr claimed that anti-semitism is scientific and that the former religious antagonism to Jews, such as the belief that Jews bake matzohs with the blood of Christian children, poison the drinking water, hate all Christians, etc. was losing adherents as more and more German became influenced by science. Therefore he wanted Germans to understand that Jews were culture destroyers and sub-human as proved by science. This argument is the basis of Nazi hatred and mass murder. Hitler adopted the slogan, “Die Religion ist einerlei, in der Rasse liegt die Schweinerei,” or “Religion is meaningless, the swinishness lies in the race.”

Marr was influence by two authors who were not Germans.

The first of these writers was Artur de Gobineau (1816-1882) a French author who wrote “On the Inequality of Human Races.” De Gobineau called learned culture “races” and like so many other authors believed that differences in culture were  inborn biological traits. He wrote that Germans were superior peoples and belonged to the so-called Aryan race. This belief was one of the foundations of the Nazi movement (Nazi is not a word but syllables derived from the German word nazional, as in Hitler’s party Die Nazionalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei” or The National Socialist German Workers Party). Although de Gobineau did not assault Jews, the Nazis used his book as one of the bases for dividing all Jews from the reputedly superior Germasn “race.”

The second non-German to fuel anti-Jewish hate was Houston Stewart Chamberlain (1855-1927). In his Foundations of the 19th Century, published in 1899, Chamberlain argued that Jews were racially inferior to all other humans and that Germans were a superior race. He became the forerunner of Nazi ant-semitism and the spiritual father of the Holocaust.

In view of all this, it is unfortunate that our American journalists are so ignorant as to continuously call anti-Jewish behavior anti- Semitism. We speak English, not Hebrew, and therefore are not semites. The so called anti-semites seek our destruction, not because the hate the Hebrew language, but because they wish to profit from  killing Jews.

Marr’s efforts succeeded mightily when exactly sixty years after the League was founded, the German people acted upon the demands of that league and murdered 6 million European Jews with the help and connivance of almost all other Europeans. Therefore, there were only about 30,000 Jews left in Germany in 1949 when that country was granted its independence by the allied armies who had defeated it in 1945. Almost all of these Jews were holocaust survivors who came out of the camps and stayed in Germany. These 30,000 were mostly pre-war German Jews.

Today, there are 200,000 Jews in Germany, because so many Russian Jews have settled there during the past twenty years. It is hard to understand how Jews who had just left the hate filled Russian “empire” would move to Naziland. Yet they did and are now a tiny minority amidst 80 million Germans. They are so small a minority that few Germans have ever seen a Jew. Furthermore, very few of these Russian “Jews” have anything to do with the Jewish community or practice Judaism. Nevertheless, the old hatred is back and a new generation of Germans are once more preaching anti-Jewish venom in their schools, media, churches, political parties, and private conversation.

The reason is the German identity. The point here is that Nazism was not an aberration. Nazism is the German identity. Of course, the Germans cannot once more murder the Jews among them. There are no gas ovens and murder camps now and the government makes noises about protecting the Jewish minority. There is even a holocaust museum in Berlin and a yeshivah and several synagogues. The Germans need American business.

But in private conversation and in the media, the old Nazi mentality continues as before. According to German public opinion, this is true: Benjamin Netanyahu is worse than Hitler and the Israelis are all Nazis. Almost all Germans alive between 1933 and 1945 claim that they were opposed to Hitler and nobody in Germany knew anything about the mass murder of the Jews, for which the Jews were themselves responsible, because there were too many Jewish lawyers and doctors in Germany. According to them, the United States government sides with Israel because all American media are controlled by Jews, including CNN. It is this Jewish control of the media which leads to the gross exaggeration of the Holocaust in the U.S.  America should have sided with Hitler and the Germans during World War II so that both could have fought Russia, which was the real enemy.

This kind of drivel is German reality because internal Nazism was never defeated there. Today, German politicians, anxious to gain the votes of Arabs and other haters, openly attack Jews in their political propaganda. Of course, Germany and Europe in general is now JUDENFREI, i.e. free of Jews, so that mass murder is no longer possible because there aren’t enough Jews to murder.

That being the case, the Germans now support the Arabs in their effort to slaughter the entire population of Israel. It is “anti-semitism” by proxy. The Germans pretend now to a pseudo-liberalism which involves the millions of Turkish and Arab Moslems living among them. They support this Moslem minority, which is as anti-Jewish as they are, and pride themselves on their tolerance of these immigrants and their descendants.

So you can see that the Germans “got away” with the Holocaust. They did pay a few dollars to some of the survivors, but by and large they now own all the property they stole from the dead Jews. Indeed, here and there a mass killer was imprisoned for a short time by the Allied courts. In fact, a tiny number of major murder organizers were even hung. Yet, the vast majority of Germans benefited from murder, robbery, assault, rape, larceny, and arson, and benefit from it to this day.

Of course, the Germans are not alone in their psychotic hatred of non-existent Jews. Similar sentiments may be found in the graveyard of 3 million Jews known as Poland. In France, which indeed has a Jewish population of 600,000, synagogues are burned down and Jewish graves destroyed, and in Belgium, Jews are assaulted in the streets. Even in England, where Jews have been accepted and well treated since the 17th century, the chief rabbi, Jonathan Sacks, found it necessary to tell The Guardian, a London paper, that Israel is acting in an un-Jewish manner towards the Palestinian terrorists. No doubt, Sacks believes that he must cow to the Israel haters lest they turn into persecutors of the British Jews (It is in any event an anomaly to have a “chief rabbi” in European countries. This is a custom that comes straight from the Middle Ages when governments spoke only to the “chief rabbi” but never to any other Jews).

The best friend the Jews have ever had is ex-President Donald Trump, who did more for Israel than any president before him.

I read a weekly German paper. It is called Die Zeit. This paper discusses Jews all the time and reports regularly on Jewish activities in Germany in a favorable and positive manner. Yet, Die Zeit editorials complained that Donald Trump supported Israel. Together with the so-called European Union, they side with the Palestinian terrorists, whose sole purpose in this world is to kill Jews. In short, the virus of “anti-semitism” infects German society once more. That is the reason I have called “anti-semitism” the most successful social movement ever founded. It succeeded a great deal more than the civil rights movements or women’s liberation. It rid Europe of almost all of its Jews even as the old perversions continue.

Now is the time for the Jews of Germany, and the Jews of Austria, which is Hitler’s homeland, to leave. There can be no future for any Jew in Germany. A ban, a cherem, should be declared by the Jews of this world against living in Germany, a land which has committed the greatest crime in history and whose citizens have to this day never admitted their guilt.

Shalom u'vracha.

 Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Gender, Sex, & Status (2019).

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