Daniel Pearl

Dr. Gerhard Falk

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


The Murder of Daniel Pearl

Daniel Pearl was murdered because he was a Jew. His last words, as found on the gruesome tape delivered by his killers to the American Embassy in Islamabad, were “I am a Jew.”

This horror, together with the attacks upon Israel by the Arab terrorists, clearly demonstrates once more that the enemies of the Jewish people seek the total annihilation of all Jews. Of course, it is not necessary to speculate concerning their motive. The haters say so as did Hitler in his infamous book of 1923, Mein Kampf. Then, as now, there were Jews who did not want to believe the clearly stated message of the aggressors and murderers and sought all kinds of excuses for the excesses of the enemies of God and Israel.

The current gang of anti-Jewish Jews are probably even worse than those who played that game in Germany seventy years ago. These anti-Jewish Jews are worse because they are Americans and even Israelis who have benefited from the strength of the Jewish community here and in Israel. Unlike the European Jews who sided with our enemies, the current gang of Jewish Jew haters cannot be excused on the grounds that they seek to propitiate their persecutors.

Michael Lerner, no doubt the most vociferous of the Jewish anti-Jewish propagandists, leads the good life in California and yet agitates against us by publishing a journal devoted to the destruction of Israel and the persecution of the Jewish people.

This may be hard to believe for those who have never read an issue of his magazine Tikkun. Look for yourself, then. In that magazine you read that Israel should be deprived of the financial aid received from the United States each year. That money is sent to Israel as a means of defending the 5 million Jews against annihilation by their Arab neighbors. There is of course no doubt among our non-Jewish friends that Israel could not survive without the military hardware American money supplies to the Israeli people. Surely, this is also evident to those who seek to end that aid. In short, those who want to end American military support for Israel are asking for the mass slaughter of yet another 5 million Jews, Nazi style.

Lerner also approved the murder of two Israeli reservists who were lynched by an Arab mob in Ramallah. He has no sympathy for Jews murdered by Arabs but finds Jewish self-defense intolerable. Hating Jews as have so many other apostates over the centuries, Lerner associates with those who want to massacre all of us.

Lerner is of course not alone. There is also the child molester Allen Stewart Koenigsberg, also known as Woody Allen. This so-called comedian makes a living ridiculing Jews and Jewish life. He reminds us of the Nazi newspaper Der Stürmer, which incited its readers to anti-Jewish hatred with the same cartoons of Jewish life promoted by Allen. Allen wonders aloud why Israel should exist at all.

Then there is Noam Chomsky, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This man actually exonerates Hitler, claiming that Israel and the U.S. are also “Nazis”. He literally spits on the graves of six million Jews murdered by his friends, the Arabs, who use his writings as propaganda against us, the Jews.

In Israel there is a columnist who writes for HAARETZ, a mass circulation newspaper. His name is Gideon Levy. This writer calls for the elimination of Israel altogether with a view of creating a “Palestine” in which Jews would be a minority until all are murdered.

The list goes on and on. Those who know Jewish history know that we have always had to contend with anti-Jewish hate mongers. In my youth in Germany I often saw placards and streamers exhibited by the Nazi government which showed anti-Jewish remarks and statements published by such “Jews” as Karl Marx and earlier, Pfefferkorn and yet earlier Barnabas. At all times and in all places we Jews have had these defilers of Judaism and the Jewish people incite our enemies to hate and persecution, murder and annihilation.

These Jews no doubt find no fault with the killing of Daniel Pearl. But we do. We mourn Daniel Pearl, whose only crime was that he was a Jew like I am. Indeed it appears sometimes that we can hardly withstand the machinations of our Jewish and non-Jewish enemies. Yet, we have friends as well. One of them is now president of the United States. Others are in congress and among the Christian clergy. Most of our friends are those Jews who take pride in their heritage. Those Jews who, like Jonah of old and Daniel Pearl only yesterday, said proudly “I am a Jew”. Pearl died for that reason. But he is not dead and gone. He will be remembered among the martyrs of Israel whose courage has kept us alive despite the Lerners of this world. Daniel Pearl once more proved that we are an eternal people and that no one and nothing can destroy us now or at any time. May we find courage in remembering Daniel Pearl now and for all times, Bimheyro v’yomeynoo.

Shalom u’vracha.

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