The Charlatan Obama

Commentary by Dr. Ursula A. Falk


Power Corrupts and the Corruption of Power


When we examine our political system and the political system of Germany of the early 1930’s and before there are many similarities.  Times were difficult then, as they are now. Citizens lost their jobs; there was scarcity and poverty.  There was unhappiness which led to anger. Scapegoats were found.  They were readily available in the form of the small Jewish population.  Hindenburg was dispossessed and Mr. Schickelgruber, better known as Hitler, organized his hoodlums, fired up the citizenry who were raging, and Change was demanded. Jobs were created through militarism, indoctrination, dispossession of Jewish goods, looting of Jewish establishments and posessions, and  “Juden Abgabung” (the forced giving away away of earthly goods). Fear and consequences of opposition were rampant and power took over.  The Power was a hypnotic speaker, a demagogue whose rhetoric was impressive.  The promises he made were carried out by the most hardened criminals, thieves, power seekers and sadists imaginable.  The promise of riches and food and “purity” were lauded.  The purity of “race” was supreme - a “race” of gangsters of willing executioners whose victims were mercilessly destroyed.  No one dared oppose the dictatorship and people were afraid of opposing the Nazi party or its leader.  Change indeed was accomplished.  There were jobs; there were goods to be stolen and the thieves rewarded for filling the coffers of the power hungry Nazis.  In spite of the poverty, Mr. Hitler lived in splendor at Berchtesgaden in a mansion while others were hungry and impoverished.  Hitler preached change and change came indeed! Change came in the form of war, annexation of countries by force, and six million fewer mouths to feed (the six million Jewish people gassed, shot and beaten to death).

Let us now compare what is happening in our beloved America today.  We listened to the candidates who were presented for office.  Out of nowhere came a relatively young man, of a similar age as the “Führer”, who wanted desperately to have power.  Just as Herr Hitler, he came from a dysfunctional background. He was a child born out of wedlock to an inadequate parent.  He was rejected by his mother and a father who for him did not exist.  Barring  other choices, he was raised by his maternal grandparents.  He was an ambitious boy who received an education and with the help of powerful and wealthy politicians (who wanted power through him) became a junior senator.  He was able to leave out his anger through his venomous minister, who hated America and the Caucasian citizens in our nation.  This minister was a powerful speaker, had a large following and was able to stir his angry congregation to tremendous hatred.

Barack learned much from this “gentleman.” He learned to persuade groups of  his people.  He learned to speak in a persuasive way.  His loud and powerful rhetoric promised change.  He promised money in people’s pockets, to  be transferred from the “rich” to the poor, i.e. from people who had earned an honest living to folks who did not care to work or to exert themselves. They preferred living on government doles (tax money).  He would produce more money and equalize the haves and the have nots. He organized the “underprivileged”, the formerly incarcerated and their friends to vote for him. With his powerful rhetoric he was very convincing in promising that he could change the country. The citizenry believed this demagoguery because they wanted change.  Unfortunately it would not be the change that they had imagined.  When the public rose to accuse some of Barack’s friends for questionable and illegal practices he abandoned them (Mr. Blagojevich who attempted to sell a senate seat was one of those).  He however did attempt to appoint folk who were tax evaders and managed successfully to appoint at least one of these.  He urged the nation's citizens to tighten their belts but at the same time to spend money they did not possess “to help the growth of the economy.”  He lectured about our enormous debt but urged Congress to give a sum of money to each underprivileged American. These doles would increase our debts by billions and would have to be taken from taxpayers' bank accounts.  (Private money would be used that was earned and  intended for those who had saved rather than spent their hard earned funds).  In the interim our fearless leader spent more than one hundred seventy million dollars to bask in the limelight of his inauguration as president of the country for which his wife had expressed hatred. This did not stop her from purchasing excessively costly apparel to participate in parties for the great event.

Fortunately to date we have not yet become a dictatorship.  Fortunately we have a Congress that will intervene, senators and others who will work for their beleaguered constituents to keep the worst from happening.  There is much that has to be done.  Care has to be taken that the terrorists from the Guantanamo prison will not find their place in our country to repeat the “nine eleven” affair or even worse.  A strenuous effort has to be made to create jobs for those who are out of work; doles are not the answer!  Rational thought has to be used to recreate the great country in which we live.  Hard working folk have to be encouraged to keep that which they have accumulated for the fruit of their labor.  They have worked for their American dream and it must not be stolen from them! A lack of conscience and a bottomless need for unearned power, together with the leader’s narcissism, does not a safe and secure nation make. Let us trust that our representatives in our government will fight for  us, protect us and that which belongs to us; continue to give us freedom of expression and choice; uphold our liberty, our safety, our rights and our lives!


Dr. Ursula A. Falk is a psychotherapist in private practice and the co-author, with Dr. Gerhard Falk, of  Deviant Nurses & Improper Patient Care (2006).

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