The Prosecution of Lewis Libby

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk



Court Jews and Prosecutors


   If Lewis “Scooter” Libby had followed the advice of “Ethics of our  Fathers”, or Pirkeh Avoth, he would not  now be the target of the kind of persecution which court Jews suffered for 19 hundred years in Europe.

   Verse  3 of Chapter 2 of “Ethics” tells us, “Be on your  guard against the ruling power; for they who exercise it draw no man near to them except for their own interests; appearing as friends when it is to their own advantage, they stand not by a man in the hour of his need.”

   Like Libby today, the rulers of European states hired Jews to carry out odious tasks which the public blamed on the Jew working for the prince or king in almost any European locality. These Jews were tax collectors and business advisors and the “fall guys” when things went wrong.

   These court Jews included Solomon Meyer, who worked for the emperor of Austria, Joseph Pincherle, Moses Marburger, Elijah Halfon, Samuel Oppenheimer, and a host of others who usually ended up murdered by the populace or thrown in medieval prisons when it suited their erstwhile “benefactors”.

   Libby fills the role of the court Jew today. As the so-called “chief of staff” in the office of Vice President Dick Cheney, he carried out the order to inform the press that Valerie Plame worked for the C.I.A., the Central Intelligence Agency.

   Seeking to escape criticism or even indictment for revealing the name of a spy, V.P. Cheney sent the Jew to do so. Now it turns out that Valerie Plame was never a spy for the C.I.A. but an analyst. Therefore the law prohibiting the revelation of a spy’s name does not even apply to her. Nevertheless, Lewis Libby is on trial for obstruction of justice, perjury and making false statements in conjunction with revealing Plame's name.

    How could that happen? Enter the “special prosecutor”, Patrick J. Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald was charged with finding who “leaked” the name of Valerie Plame to the press. That, of course, is no mystery. President Bush authorized the Vice President to do so, he in turn informed several reporters including Tim Russert, Robert Novak and others, all in retaliation for the criticism leveled against the administration by Plame's husband, Joseph C. Wilson VI. Wilson sought to discredit the war against Iraq by claiming that Saddam Hussein did not buy uranium from Niger, a country Wilson had visited on behalf of our government.

   Now Fitzgerald had a problem. So many people had “leaked” the name of Plame, including the President, that Fitzgerald needed someone to prosecute so as to insure his own career. That is when he found the Jew. Like all his Catholic predecessors in Europe, Fitzgerald knew the guilty party when he saw him. It had to be the Jew Libby.

   Vice President Cheney has not come to Libby’s defense. No one in the administration has helped Libby, not even Richard Armitage, the second in command in the Department of Defense who openly admitted having given the name of Plame to several newsmen. Fitzgerald has not prosecuted Armitage. Instead his prosecutes the Jew.

    Fitzgerald, utterly contemptuous of our Constitution, imprisoned Judith Miller, a New York Times reporter, for writing a column he didn’t like. Of course, Fitzgerald is not the only prosecutor who is seeking to turn this country into a police state. There are many others. There is Michael Nifong, the prosecutor who went after the students at Duke University for a rape that never occurred. Recently, two border patrol agents were imprisoned for twenty years for shooting and wounding a Mexican drug smuggler who was caught with 1,000 pounds of Marijuana at the border. The Mexican pulled a gun on the two agents who feared for their lives and therefore shot him. The prosecutor then gave immunity to the Mexican drug smuggler, let him keep his drugs and sent the two agents to prison for defending the border.

   Innumerable innocent men and women have been released from prison, including the death house in Texas, after DNA proved they were wrongfully convicted by prosecutors who hate freedom and liberty. Imagine how many more innocents must be in prison and have been murdered by “death penalty” advocates and for whom no DNA test was available.

   Recently, a lawyer, Mike Lo Tempio, wrote a letter to the Buffalo News to the effect that lawyers like him preserve at least some of the freedoms our Constitution guarantees. Yet, more and more prosecutors seek to undermine our rights and liberties so that we have more to fear from them than from the terrorists against whom we are well defended.

   Our criminal justice system is the greatest threat to democracy in this country and prosecutors are the advance troops of an American dictatorship.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including The Restoration of Israel (2006).

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