The 1930s & Today

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Never Again?


     The world is once more repeating the age old hate paroles against the Jews in an effort to kill the 13 million of us remaining in this world.

     Nearly seventy years have passed since the end of the slaughter in Europe which annihilated one third of the Jewish people. Yet, that mass killing is still not enough for the “Genocidal Liberals,” as Professor Richard Cravatts calls the current haters in his book by that name.

     The similarity between the assault on the German Jews in the 1930’s and the current campaign to slaughter Jews once more is significant.

     Long before Hitler became dictator of Germany, the German academic community ranted against Jews in lecture halls, in publications, and in the public discourse. German students shouted down Jewish professors and such ‘luminaries’ as the philosopher Martin Heidegger engaged in anti-Jewish polemics which earned him the position of President of the University of Munich.

     Now we see the same occurring in American and European universities. From Columbia in New York to the University of California and including Canadian universities, hate of Jews is the daily dose of lectures by so called “liberal” professors. Even in classes which have nothing to do with the humanities, science professors preach religious hate. York University in Canada is an example of this kind of bigotry, but so are innumerable institutions of higher learning, which have sunk into the gutter of bigotry and raging hate rantings utterly divorced from reality but devoted to repeating all the medieval canards against Jews and Judaism which finally led to the annihilation of almost all Jews in Europe.

    On April 1, 1933, two months after he was appointed Chancellor of Germany, Hitler ordered that all Jewish business be boycotted (Charles Boycott was an Irish land owner in 1880).  Thereupon brown shirted Nazi goons stood in front of Jewish owned stores and shouted at would-be customers, “kauft nicht von Juden” or “don’t buy from Jews.” Likewise, the “liberals” in Europe and in this country have organized an effort to boycott Jewish business and academics. The Modern Language Association, a professional organization, recently passed a resolution designed to boycott Jewish professors. Similar resolutions have been adopted by other “liberal” academics. Moreover, a number of European business moguls have announced they would no longer do business with Jews. In addition, John Kerry, our secretary of state, has threatened Israel with a worldwide boycott unless the Israelis surrender to all Arab demands. Such a surrender would of course mean the end of Israel and another mass slaughter of Jews.

    A third similarity between the persecution of the European Jews in the 1930’s and the present condition of the Jews of Europe and Israel is the demand that Jews leave their homes and their land and become homeless pariahs once more. From Malmoe in Sweden to Austria in the south, from Ireland in the west and the Ukraine, Europeans are once more seeking to force the European Jews into exile. Daily attacks on Jews are as common in Germany as in France, so that a large contingent of French Jews have already moved to Israel and the United States. There are today only 1.5 million Jews in all of Europe, which has a population of 731 million. This means that most Europeans have never seen a Jew. Yet, radio Marija in Poland broadcasts hate of Jews each day, as do almost all European media as well as our own New York Times. Not content with seeking the annihilation of the few Jews in Europe, the haters also demand that the Israeli Jews abandon their homes and turn the country over to the Arab terrorists, who seek to establish a Palestinian state in the midst of Israel with the intent to use it as a military base for the invasion and annihilation of the remainder of the Jewish state.

     A fourth similarity between the 1930’s and the Jewish condition today is the support of “liberal” politicians by the American Jewish community. In the 1930’s, Jews voted in overwhelming numbers for the arch enemy of the Jewish people, Franklin Roosevelt. It was Roosevelt who deliberately reduced the German immigration quota as passed by Congress to one fifth of those who could migrate to this country. This made Roosevelt a co-conspirator in the slaughter of the German Jews. Yet, the Jews of America voted for him, even as Rabbi Stephen Wise, the so called leader of the American Jewish community at that time, said in a speech that the German Jews were exaggerating their persecution since Protestants and Catholics were also persecuted. 

     Today almost all Jews vote for those who would annihilate us. Look at any Gallup poll concerning the opinion of Jews by Democrats and Republicans and you will see the huge difference. Of course, “liberals” don’t like facts. They would rather support the Jew baiter Sharpton, who shouted in front of a Jewish owned clothing store “burn down the Jew store.” His followers did just that and killed five employees of the store. Yet, the Jewish community supports him. In general, American Jews no longer support Israel but crawl before the icons of the haters in the hope of gaining the approval of the “liberal” establishment.

    Yet, there is one difference between the 1930’s and the present. Then, we had no means of defending our lives. Now Israel has the means of self preservation when attacked. Indeed, the haters appear once more as powerful as the German “Wehrmacht” in the 1930’s. Once more it appears wise to appease the annihilators, and once more we will see the Jew haters attacking those who now side with them until the non Jewish “liberals” also become the victims of Islamic Jihad and the Jewish people survive once more.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Assassination, Anarchy, & Terrorism (2012).

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