Kerry & the Anti-Jewish Liberals

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


John Kerry - Enemy of the Jewish People

Anti-Jewish, anti-American and anti-freedom. These sentiments go together and are generally called “liberal”.

John Kerry, the probable nominee of the Democrats for President of the United States, exemplifies all that is meant by “liberal” today. First, Kerry, the grandson of a Jewish Austrian immigrant named Kohn, sees no reason why Israel should defend itself against murder. According to Kerry and his Democrat colleagues, Israel has no right to build a wall designed to prevent murderers from entering. Evidently Kerry and the “liberals” see nothing wrong when Arabs bomb buses, slaughter children and men and women eating in a restaurant or even invade the homes of families to kill, maim and cripple innocent Jews. Said Kerry: “We don’t need additional barriers to peace.” Evidently he meant the peace of the grave - for Jews. His mentor and friend, Jimmy Carter, went even further. He announced at a recent conference in Geneva that if he had been re-elected he would have found “the final solution” to the Jewish problem. Of course we Jews know that phrase all too well. Hitler used it. “The final solution” means mass murder of all the Jews in Israel and surely Carter meant just that.

Our previous president, Bill Clinton, not only invited the terrorist Arafat to the White House once a month, he even handed Arafat all of Jerusalem, all of Judea, all of Samaria and Gaza. Arafat was, thank G’d, not satisfied. He also wanted Tel Aviv. Now candidate Kerry tells us he would appoint Clinton as special envoy to Arafat so as to find a means of implementing Carter’s “final solution”. Why would any Jew vote for that?

There are apologists for Israel haters who pretend that anti-Israel does not mean anti-Jewish, that one can disagree with the policies of Ariel Sharon without being at once labeled an anti-semite, etc. Well, of course, the Jew haters are not anti-semitic. We are not semites. A semite is someone who speaks a semitic language such as Hebrew, Arabic or Aramaic. Linguists classified these three languages as “semitic” because the Torah tells us that Shem, the son of Noah and his descendants, settled the lands of the so-called “Middle East” (Chapter X of Beraysheet or Genesis). It is called “Middle-East” as distinguished from “Far East” from the European point of view. No, those who hate Jews are not anti-semites. They are religious bigots like Mel Gibson, who likes to revive the “Christ killer” accusations of the Middle Ages today.

Anyone who objects to the construction of Israel’s wall must therefore be in favor of having homicide bombers continue their ugly slaughter. Now why would an American Jew vote for a man who sees nothing wrong with killing our brethren in Israel?

Those who hate Jews usually hate America as well. The “liberals” pretend that the attack of September 11, 2001 did not happen. On that day 19 terrorists killed 3,000 Americans in 1.5 hours. This, say the America haters, is not important.

Of course, a Viet Nam veteran and war hero like Kerry does not hate America. No chance. He just likes dictators. He and his friends have never seen a brutal dictator they didn’t like. They say that Saddam Hussein should never have been removed from power in Iraq even though he repeatedly said that he sought to emulate Hitler and that he did so. He sent Scud missiles into Israel to kill Jews. He paid homicide killers who had killed Jews $20,000 each (to their families, of course). He had the ambition to kill a hundred thousand Israelis in one day by shooting chemical rockets into Israel. No doubt, had he succeeded he would have become the greatest Arab hero since Sal-ad-din (a Kurd). Now, why would a Jew vote for a party and a man who finds it wrong to remove Saddam from power? Should we expect that if Kerry becomes president (yemach shemo vegoalo) he will re-install Saddam into power in Iraq? If not, why not?

Furthermore, we must wonder why Kerry voted for the Iraq war and now claims he was against it. How can anyone trust a man who votes contrary to what he believes?

The “liberals” see nothing wrong with Saddam, with Khaddafi, with Mubarak, with the Syrian dictator Assad. They love them all. They compare the president of the United States with Hitler, but the anti-Jewish hate mongers are their friends. Why would an American Jew vote for those who seek to kill us all?

This all reminds me of the 1930’s when the German Jews begged for help after Hitler became dictator in 1933. No one helped. No one gave “a damn”. The German Jews were abandoned because everybody knew we were exaggerating the threat to our lives, that we were all arrogant and that we had mistreated the Eastern European Jews of the first decade of the 20th century.

Here it is again. Jews blame Israel and not the Arabs. Jews on the campuses of our universities denounce Israel, attack Hillel, burn newspapers with the “wrong opinions”, participate with the Arab and other hate mongers in staging anti-Jewish riots at San Francisco University and denounce other Jews who stand up for our people. Most of those who do these things are professors such as Noam Chomsky of M.I.T., who even denies the Holocaust.

Yet, we will survive. Yet we will live. We will never be destroyed, not even by the “liberals”. We will vote for George W. Bush, the best friend we Jews have ever had in the White House, because all of us are not “lemmings” (look up what a lemming does).

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk, former Democratic candidate for Town of Tonawanda Supervisor, is the author of numerous publications, including Man's Ascent to Reason (2003) & the forthcoming Football & American Identity.

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