The Bigoted Legacy of the Democratic Party

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk




Many years ago, I participated in basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia. As soon as I arrived, it struck me as truly astonishing that black soldiers were housed in separate barracks from white soldiers and that they were assigned the “garbage detail” and driving trucks. Black soldiers were not trained for combat nor did they participate in physical exercises and all the other requirements to pass the basic training minimum.

When I received my first weekend pass, I traveled to Phoenix City, Alabama, on a bus with all the other soldiers. No blacks were included. In Alabama I saw what I had already seen in Georgia. The Democrat politicians who held all political offices, whether elected or appointed, had segregated drinking fountains, necessary rooms, restaurants, transportation, and schools. The Democrat politicians who were in charge of everything also used numerous techniques to prevent blacks from voting. After graduating from basic training, I was assigned to the 94th Infantry 322nd Regiment at Camp McCain, Mississippi. There, too, I witnessed Democrat politicians who held all elected offices segregating the races entirely and even forcing blacks to get off the sidewalk when a white person approached. In short, the Democrats were responsible for this atrocious racism.

Although blacks were not gassed to death, as had been the fate of my family and all my relatives and friends in Germany, I was nevertheless reminded of the Nazi horrors which I had the good fortune to survive.

Later, in the 1960s during the voter registration drives, Democrat sheriffs and police used dogs to attack blacks who wished to vote or eat at a lunch counter. The Democrat governor of Alabama, George Wallace, stood in the door of that university in an effort to prevent blacks from attending there.

Democrats were also responsible for the murder of two Jewish students from New York who wanted to help blacks to vote.

It is therefore not surprising that Democrats made every effort to prevent the entry of the German Jews into the United States after Hitler was appointed dictator on January 31, 1933. From that date to the entry of the United States into the Second World War, six years and nine months passed, during which all the 580,000 German Jews could have been saved from the gas ovens.

Yet the Democrat Franklin Roosevelt instructed the State Department to deliberately reduce the number of German Jews allowed to come to America under the then existing quota law. The quota for German born people as allocated by Congress easily exceeded the number of German Jews applying to enter here. Roosevelt also refused to let our Air Force bomb the rail lines to Auschwitz.

Yet the Democrat Franklin Roosevelt with the help of Rabbi Stephen Wise, the then leader of the American Jewish community, did everything to prevent the entrance of German Jews. Wise went so far as to publicly proclaim that the German Jews were exaggerating their persecution and that Protestants and Catholics were also persecuted. That was of course a terrible lie. The fact is that storm troopers marched down German streets singing such songs as ”when Jew blood squirts from the knife things will go twice as well,” even as a Catholic priest and a Protestant minister marched at the head of the line. In the camps, Catholic priests said mass for the murderers and Protestant ministers sang hymns with the killers.

It is of course true that  a few German Jews did come to the United States between 1933-1939. These Jews were promptly rejected by the American Jewish community, who pretended to know that all German Jews are arrogant, wealthy, and agnostic. German Jews were insulted in American synagogues because they were unable to speak Yiddish, a language not known in Germany. The large Jewish organizations at the time refused to help the German Jewish immigrants, although the Salvation Army and the St. Vincent DePaul Society did their best for the refugees.

After the Second World War, very few European Jews were still alive. Among them were a tiny number of German Jews. Then, in 1956, the newly established German government allocated a sum of money to an American Jewish committee to be distributed to the surviving victims of the Nazi horrors according to their native lands. Therefore Polish Jews, Lithuanian Jews, Ukrainian Jews, French Jews, etc. were all delivered a sum of money to be used in commemoration of their murdered communities. German Jews also applied for some of these funds. But the German Jews were rejected and the Jewish committee refused to give the German Jews one cent. As a result, a sum of money was collected in Israel so that German Jews could build a museum in New York commemorating the then extinct German Jewish community. All the major Jewish actors in this drama were Democrats.

More recently, the Democrat Obama instructed our United Nations ambassador not to veto a UN resolution condemning Israel and all Jews as illegitimate and going so far as to deny Jews the right to pray at the Western Wall.

This then raises this question: Why do 80% of American Jews vote for the racist Democratic Party, who today supports the United Nations in its effort to annihilate Israel? Another way of asking the question is: "why have we no self respect?”

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including End of the Patriarchy (2015).

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