Misplaced Pity

Commentary by Dr. Ursula A. Falk

The Emotional Aspect of the Jews and Obama


     From time immemorial, we, the Jewish people, have had “Rachmones” (pity ) for the oppressed, the suffering, the needy.  We follow the ten commandments,  believe in the “lev tov,” the good heart, act to have mercy on those who are in danger, to help to give “schlachmones,” to tithe a part of our income to the poor, to feed the servants and helpless creatures before partaking of food ourselves, to control ourselves (the kosher laws have taught us that), etc.  We are taught to believe in “tschuve,” to forgive.  We learn that a person who regrets what he has done can be forgiven even an hour before his death. We have been taught to be righteous in the real sense of the word.  We must not ridicule or abuse the poor, we must give to them and to help them.

We voted for the “Rosche” Obama because we identified with him and the alleged suffering of the Negroes in America.  We had this identification because we were ostracized, robbed, and destroyed in Germany, Russia, much of Europe, and more.  We were actually very different from the black race in America.  We worked, studied, struggled, and worked more, doing an honest and super honest days labor for years to make a living, to help our children and others to become the people we are.  On the other hand, the Negroes have bemoaned their lot, by repeating eons of years later that they were slaves and should be able to receive all the doles, the free moneys, without  having to exert themselves.  They feel the Caucasians of their world owe them everything.  They have the highest crime statistics in our nation, and their ambition is to be wealthy without having to work. 

Obama is a very clever man.  He was able to bring out the givers, the Jewish people/philanthropists  to hand him unbelievable sums of money and support to win the presidency.  He played upon their vulnerability, their erroneous identity with the unwanted, the uneducated, the rejected.  Obama underscored all of their feelings and built upon their misbegotten beliefs.  The reality is that Negroes, along with Caucasian bigots, hated Jews and were as hateful as the Nazis toward the Jewish people.  Obama was fantastically manipulative and intelligent.  As reward for the money and votes from the Jews, he appointed a number of brilliant “Yiden” to his cabinet.  This assured him the election a second time.

After he had won in the year 2012, he showed his true colors and sided with the terrorists, the Muslims, to destroy Israel. 

Obama alleges he helps the poor, gives them ninety-nine weeks and more of “unemployment” compensation, encourages them not to work,  ignores the folk who have lost everything during a storm in the eastern part of our country while he spends millions of the middle class tax dollars taking vacation in Hawaii as well as traveling to places where he does not belong to aggrandize himself to the world. 

In summary, Obama deluded the Jews,  a large portion of women, and his own people, who came out as a body to vote for their “hero.” 

In comparison, Jews identified with this charlatan, believed their delusions, and gave their money to help him to side with their enemies and cling to their flawed identity with the ‘helpless,” illiterate homeless class of humanity. 

When will we ever learn to stand up for our Jewish people and ourselves????


 Dr. Ursula A. Falk is a psychotherapist in private practice and the author of several books and articles.

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