The Netanyahu Speech to Congress

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


The Jew and the King


     For 19 centuries, the European Jews bowed and scraped before the kings of every land.  Insulted, humiliated, demeaned, ridiculed, the Jews kept bowing their heads and walked unresisting to the slaughter. Unable to defend their lives, they became the targets of every sadist and bigot as they lived in ghettos and wore black clothes assigned to them by the vicious haters in every country, both Muslim and Christian. They developed a ghetto mentality to the effect that a Jew must not fight back, that Jews have no rights, and that Jews must forever crawl in the mud before the rulers of the land.

     That mentality is the mentality of the vast majority of American Jews. It was the attitude of their European ancestors who taught this behavior to their children and grandchildren, and it is still with us. Sociologists call this culture lag, meaning that people will continue to act in a manner that was once utilitarian but is of no use today.

     So now the world is accustomed to the crawling, frightened Jews who do not dare oppose the ruler and who even vote for their enemies. Therefore it seems absolutely incongruous that the prime minister of Israel and his people defend the rights of Jews to live, to fight for their lives, to denounce their enemies, and to confront the king of the United States.

     The world cannot understand this. How can a Jew speak up and defy those who want to destroy him? Should not Jews bow in humility before the great Barack? How dare Prime Minister Netanyahu accept an invitation to speak to Congress without permission from the king? Jews have no right to speak without permission. In fact, Jews have no rights at all. Not even the right to build up their own land. Moreover, the U.S. Congress has no right to invite a Jew to speak there.

     Is not the Congress to do what King Barack tells them to do? How dare the Congress follow the Constitution and act on its own!

     American Jews, of course, vote en masse for Democrats. That is so because Democrats don’t like Jews. Every public opinion poll for years has shown that the vast majority of Democrats seek the destruction of Israel, while Republicans by an equal majority support the right of Israel to live. Therefore the Jews of the U.S. vote for our enemies.

     For many years the South was called “the solid South.” That was so because only Democrats were ever elected to any office in a Southern state. These Democrats were responsible for segregation of blacks in schools, restaurants, public transportation, and even drinking fountains. These Democrats set vicious dogs on blacks seeking to vote. Now, years later, the black population has achieved major political power and all of them vote for their erstwhile persecutors. This support leaves the racist Democrats with the need to kick around a different minority - the Jews, of course.

    And so Jewish politicians announce that they will boycott the speech to Congress of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has the gall to stand up to the king and proclaim that the bodies of Jews are no longer available for sadistic experiments, and that the Jews of Israel mean to fight and resist the killers come to make money by slaughtering another 6 million Jews and then stealing all their possessions, just as the Europeans have done, as they enjoy the fruits of their crimes to this day.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including The German Jews in America (2014).

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