President Trump's Immigration Order

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


The Rights of Muslims

On April 15, 2013, two Muslim immigrants detonated two bombs with ball bearings at the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring 264 citizens. 14 of those injured required amputation and others lost an eye and suffered various other injuries.

These people and their relatives had the gall to complain that their relatives were killed and that they were severely injured for life. Evidently these American citizens are bigots unwilling to concede that Muslims have every right to come into the United States and kill and maim American citizens. It is a gross violation of the American tradition to object to being murdered, injured, and assaulted by Muslim immigrants.

Therefore, thousands of patriotic Americans rallied to the cause of Muslims temporarily refused entry into the United States by an order of President Trump. Evidently the president seeks to protect Americans from being murdered, losing their limbs, and being maimed and disabled for life. That 33% of Americans who object to the president's travel ban on Muslims resent the presidentís action in attempting to prevent the killing and maiming and wounding of Americans by Muslim immigrants. It is the right of foreigners to come into the United States and kill anybody they want. This right does not extend to Americans born in this country. Native born Americans who kill may get the death penalty or life imprisonment. Such penalties do not apply to illegal immigrants, and particularly not to Muslims, who are protected by sanctuary cities. A sanctuary city is one in which South American or Muslim immigrants have a right to kill anybody without having to worry about being arrested or in any manner penalized. After all, it is the civil right of any Mexican, Muslim, or other illegal immigrant to slaughter any American at will. Only bigots of the worst kind would object to the right of Muslims to kill them or to murder their children.

For example, on June 13, 2016, 49 people died, and another 53 people were injured when an Islamic immigrant walked into an Orlando, Florida nightclub and shot his victims at random. More than a third were shot in the head,. All told there were more than 200 gunshot wounds. This attack was again denounced by ethnic bigots who denied the right of Muslims to kill, maim, and wound these victims.

It is un-American and contrary to American values to object to being killed by an immigrant of Muslim or South American origin. For example, when a Mexican immigrant who had been deported five times used a stolen gun to kill a woman walking peaceably with her father in San Francisco, it turned out that the killer was entitled to protection from law enforcement on the grounds that San Francisco is a sanctuary city, which allows any South American or Muslim immigrant to kill at will without consequences, since it is un-American to prevent such foreigners from maiming, injuring, and killing us.

On December 2, 2015, a very religious Muslim and his wife, an immigrant from Pakistan, killed 14 people and injured 22 others seriously when they shot up a Christmas party in San Bernardino, California. Prior to murdering the partygoers, the couple deposited their child with her mother. They then used a number of weapons, consisting of  two .223 caliber semiautomatic rifles, two 9 mm semiautomatic pistols, and an explosive device in the attack. Since both husband and wife were Muslims, it was their right, as any liberal will tell you, to kill and  wound Americans attending a Christmas party. It is simply dictatorial and tyrannical for President Trump to call a temporary travel on would-be terrorists who are  thereby prevented from slaughtering Americans in their own country. 33% of Americans oppose Trumpís efforts to protect our lives by  this Muslim  travel ban.

All in all, President Trump has been in office only three weeks. There are those who believe he should be impeached at once because he seeks to protect Americans from being murdered by Muslims.

 Once more we must reiterate that Muslims have every right to come into the United States and kill maim and wound anybody at random, at any time, and by all means necessary.

Not long ago, a Buffalo Muslim immigrant cut off the head of his wife. This occurred in Buffalo, New York, where there were some bigots, and still are, who denied the right of the man to cut off his wife's head.

To protect the American tradition of hospitality for immigrants, we must reject President Trumpís attempt to protect Americans from murder. It is the duty of American presidents to bring into this country all Muslim killers and terrorists who, according to American liberals, have the unalienable right to murder us all. After all, there have been only 82 attacks by Muslims on American citizens. That isnít much, considering that Muslims have the right, the duty, and the inspiration to get rid of the infidels once and for all.

Shalom uívracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including End of the Patriarchy (2015).

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