The Bigots of Academia

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Religious Hate in America

Recently the American Anthropological Association voted by an overwhelming margin to boycott Jews.  This means that books written by Jews will no longer be assigned to students of professors of anthropology.  Further, Jewish anthropologists will no longer be allowed membership in the A.A.A.  Furthermore, such a boycott prevents Jews from attaining advanced degrees in anthropology, and Jews who hold such degrees will not be considered for faculty positions in that field.

This attack on the Jewish people is motivated by the same hate which fueled Nazi ideology in the past.  It needs to be remembered that the first measure the Nazi party imposed on the German Jews was a boycott of all Jewish business, together with the dismissal of all Jewish professors and civil servants from their jobs.

Today the Arabs and their followers and supporters seek to promote another Holocaust in the hope of killing all Jews.  75 years ago the mass murder of the European Jews was most profitable to the European population, who stole all the land, all the homes, all the possession, and particularly all the money of the Jews they had murdered.  Now the Arabs and their supporters seek to repeat this so they too can profit from mass murder.  The evidence that the Arabs want to kill all Jews is easily seen.  In France, and the Netherlands, and Sweden, in German and all over Europe, Arabs and other Muslims murder Jews wherever they can find them.  Motivated by religious belief as taught in the Koran, Muslims stab, shoot, and otherwise kill Jews on sight.  Hoping to destroy Israel and seize all the land, houses, factories, and, of course, money now owned by the Jewish population of that country, the Arabs have enlisted academics such as the members of the A.A.A. in their cause.

It should not be surprising that so-called intellectuals are the first to join this new assault on the Jewish people.  This was also true in German in the 1920s, when Jewish professors and students became the targets of violence and hate even before the Nazi takeover.  Almost the entire intellectual community in Germany and in other European countries gleefully followed Nazi doctrine concerning Jews.

When Christians are persecuted by Muslims and have their heads cut off, the A.A.A. makes no comment.  After all, the Muslims who murder Christians are the friends of the A.A.A.  However, when Jews defend their lives, they meet the same denunciation and the same hate filled rhetoric that once came from Hitler's mouth.

It is noteworthy in this respect that there is a very long list of major anthropologists of the Jewish faith to whom these hate filled boycotters owe the very existence of their discipline.  Hitler lives.

Shalom uívracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including End of the Patriarchy (2015).

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