Blaming the Jews

Commentary by Dr. Ursula A. Falk


Communism, Nazism, Socialism


These three “isms” - ideologies - are very similar to one another.  All governments that govern within these systems have a commonality; namely, they have leaders who use force, and are restrictive, leave no space for individuality, and use the citizens as puppets who goosestep to the dictates of their fuehrers.  They have no voice or opinions of their own and do as they are directed and controlled.  Individual opinions or choices are not tolerated.  If they stray they are punished, ostracized, incarcerated or annihilated.  Their leader gives the orders and the human sheep must follow.  There are no true votes, only directives!  Fear of consequences does not permit deviance from orders given!  We nee only to look at the heads of countries that had heads of state whose ideology was the reverse of democracy:  Hitler, Stalin and Obama.  Hitler had six million Jewish people thrown into gas ovens, burned, shot and deleted from this earth.  Stalin permitted no deviation from his rule and had beheaded any one who did not agree with his murderous ideologies.  Obama created debts without input from the voters, the public.  He gave away the hard earned sustenance of the citizens of the United States; gave “stimulus packages” to companies, namely the savings and rewards of the labor of the people who had saved for what they attained through hard work, their wits, their energy and much more.  He decided who and what health care the citizenry would get, how long they would received it, and how long they should be permitted to live, in essence.  It was also decided who would live off the savings of those who had earned it and who could and who could not be the recipients of moneys without laboring at all.  The will of the people was ignored, their funds were confiscated, redistributed and the savings of humanity was disbursed.  All of the three leaders thus mentioned made utopian promises,  encouraging the masses with empty speeches and superficially hidden venues, results that could never be.  Domination and fear were ultimately used to intimidate and still the voices of the people.

If situations grow difficult, when there is inflation and depression and a shaky economy, we, the Jewish people, become the scapegoats and are accused of any and all failures in the economy, including impoverishment, a scarcity of  jobs, or lost opportunities to earn a livelihood.  We become the victims of the unhappy, those who feel stressed and deprived.  A German rhyme goes as follows: “Schuld am Elend, sagt er schuld am Leid, sagt er shuld wenn’s regent, sagt er Schuld wenn’s schneit, sagt er Schuld an allem, sagt er voller Wut, sagt er Schuld alleine, sagt er ist der Jud.” (The cause of the misery, of the pain, the cause of the rain and of the snow, the cause of all of these conditions is the Jew).

As Jewish people, we must be more cautious who we support or for whom we vote.  We must study history and learn from it to work hard to create new and better beginnings and to be insightful in assessing what is in store for our Jewish people and for all of humanity.


Dr. Ursula A. Falk is a psychotherapist in private practice and the author of several books and articles.

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