The French "Peace" Conference

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk




On January 15, 2017, the president of France, François Hollande, presided over an international conference intended to destroy Israel.

The conference was officially labeled a peace conference. This label was attached to this destructive meeting because it is always been “diplomatic” to use obscure language for intentions which were to be hidden rather than publicly expressed. Note that the conference took place only five days before the inauguration of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States. The reason for that date was to quickly condemn Israel and the Jewish people by a gang of haters who seek to promote the eventual destruction of Israel by economic and diplomatic means.

Fearing that Donald Trump and a Republican majority in Congress would support the right of Israelis and Jews to live, the conference hoped that anti-Jewish resolutions and condemnations could forestall any support the United States government might give the Jewish people once Trump assumes the presidency.

The ridiculous argument that somehow Jews have no right to live in Jerusalem or any part of the Holy Land is a continuation of those policies which in the past led to the slaughter of 6 million Jews in the European gas ovens.

It should surprise no one that France hosted such a conference, for the French rehearsed the Holocaust in 1884 when the French Army high command accused its only Jewish member, Alfred Dreyfus, of selling military secrets to Germany when they knew full well that it was a member of the general staff named Esterhazy who had committed that treason.

Dreyfus was publicly humiliated and sent to Devil’s Island in  South America for five years where he suffered the tortures of hell on an island popularly named Hell.

After a Court of Appeals brought Dreyfus back to France for a new trial, the court, consisting of army officers, convicted him a second time of treason, even though the name of the true offender had been made public and was well known.

While all these brutal injustices continued, the French populace ran through the streets screaming “kill the Jews.”

   Subsequently, during the Second World War occupation of France by the Germans, the French police and citizens delivered their Jewish neighbors to the Nazi killers. Almost all French Jews were murdered by the Germans with the assistance of French.

Now, the French government is giving it another try in the hope of slaughtering the population of Israel. While the Arabs and their supporters hope that the conference will lead to that end, we have yet one more demonstration of the evidence that the whole dispute between the so-called Palestinians and Israel is that the Palestinians and their supporters would kill all Jews within Israel and Europe and the United States or anywhere.

Although ranting about Jerusalem, the so-called settlements, and other propaganda on the part of the haters, those rants are  nothing but a cover-up with the sole intention of killing Jews. The Palestinians and their supporters have appointed themselves as the legitimate slaughterers of anyone who believes in Judaism. Therefore, Israel’s defense minister Avigdor Lieberman was entirely right when he described the intended so-called peace conference to take place in Paris on January 15 as another Dreyfus trial.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including End of the Patriarchy (2015).

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