Obama's Israel Policy

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


Obama and the Jews


     The Jews who raised millions to elect Obama together with all the Jews who voted for him are responsible for the anti-Israel policies now loudly proclaimed by Obama and the Democrats.

     It is of course no surprise that Obama hates Israel and seeks the destruction of the first Jewish independent state since the year 70. This is no surprise because Obama has never tried to hide his hatred of the Jews. He, together with the European gas oven killers, cannot tolerate that there are today Jews who refuse to jump into anti-tank ditches to be slaughtered by the millions. Obama and friends cannot comprehend that the Jews of Israel will not allow themselves to be gassed like the European Jews. It is incomprehensible to Obama and his anti-Jewish allies that there are now Jews who mean to defend their lives against the killers of today.

     Sociologists call this situation “culture lag.” This means that we find it difficult to accept that conditions which were valid in the past have now changed. Obama and friends are accustomed to Jews who, for nearly 1,900 years, could be driven out of their homes, deprived of their possessions, and murdered at will. That was the fate of the Jews in Christian countries and in Muslim countries. Now, the formerly helpless Jews are defending their lives and the so called “international community” finds that incomprehensible and illegal.

     The same malicious canards which led to the European gas ovens are once more in circulation. Indeed, the word Jew has been replaced by Israel but the intentions are the same. The 300 million Arabs surrounding 6 million Israeli Jews feel cheated. They believe that they have a right to kill all Jews and seize their property just as was done in Europe over eighty years ago. To this day there is hardly a European who does not own a house, furniture, vehicles, money and more money stolen from the murdered Jews. The Arabs believe they have the same right to murder the Jews of Israel and steal their land, their homes and all their property.

     Now, it is against international law for Jews to defend themselves but it is not against international law to kill Jews en masse and steal all they have.

     Obama agrees with that. After all, Jews were told in 1933 that they had no right to live in Germany. Then, in 1939 the Polish Jews were slaughtered because the had no right to live in their native land. Then the Russian and Baltic and Balkan Jews were murdered for the same reasons, as were the Jews of France and the Low Countries. The world made it clear. Jews have no right to live anywhere. Therefore, Obama and friends tell the Jews of Israel they have no right to live in Jerusalem or anywhere in Israel. In fact, Jews, says the “international community,” have no rights of any kind.

     That being the case, it is absolutely astounding and a gross affront for the Israelis to fight back and defend themselves. How dare a Jew fight back. Jews can’t fight, say the haters.

      Now, the Jews who voted in large majorities to elect Obama and the wealthy Jews who gave him the money to gain the presidency have paid for the attack on Israel by Obama and the Democrats. Even as Obama appoints a vicious hater to be Secretary of Defense, Jewish senators and leading Democrats defend the anti-Jewish candidate.

     A large cadre of rabbis wrote a letter before the 2012 election urging the election of Obama, a known antagonist of the Jewish people.

     Therefore, if Israel is destroyed by the haters or is once more forced to defend itself in yet another war, the Jews of the United States, who gave Obama money and a vote of nearly seventy percent, will be responsible for such a disaster.

     Already the Muslims are jumping with joy to see Obama re-elected.

     Thus, the great mystery remains: “Why do Jews seek to destroy Israel, the first independent Jewish state in nearly 1,900 years?”

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Assassination, Anarchy, & Terrorism (2012).

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