The Jewish American Princess Stereotype

Commentary by Dr. Ursula A. Falk




We hear so much about Jewish girls being “Jewish American Princesses”. What about the GAPs? These are Goyische American Princesses. What is the difference? As we get acculturated into our society, which we have been for some time, we identify with the culture in which we live. The Jewish girl wants what every other girl wants and desires: Love, security, and possibly a profession, if she is equipped with the gray matter or the motivation to attend college and graduate school to obtain this goal. She wants that for which every other girl strives. We have noticed that the gentile girls want the same or similar achievements. They are aware that Jewish men are often strivers and that we Jews place a great deal of value on education. Therefore there is little if any difference between the strivings of our people and the people of other religious or irreligious persuasions. What is it, then, that drives us to denigrate ourselves and our people? It seems apparent that we are self haters. We have taken on the role assigned to us by our enemies who attempt to find every avenue to place us in a position of inferiors: greedy human beings, who extract as much as possible from the world. If we accept this premise then we are just as guilty as those who victimize us.

Let us look at the geisha girl who, in the Orient, services the men who are the objects of her catering with absolute servitude. She bows and falls to her knees, kisses the hands and possibly feet of her man, massages him, and meets every whim and sexual desire about which he has dreamed or fantasized. She will manipulate his body parts until he becomes ecstatic and continue with her favors as little or long as he desires and she appears to adulate his every breath. She is the epitome of the perfect female for the macho or not so macho male.

It has been discovered that the “geisha” girls or other Orientals who immigrate to America, especially those who have married American soldiers or others from the United States, react, when they live in this country for a time, the same as any American girl to their own wants and needs for material possessions and other amenities enjoyed by those in their newly adopted country. We can therefore deduce that these demands for material possessions, other amenities and comforts of life are not an inborn quality or flaw. Thus we must remember that we are all human beings who learn from the culture what we can expect and what we consider our due. As Jews we must think rationally before we accept the opinions of those who are against us and whose propaganda has been in existence as long as Christianity has existed!

Another aspect must here be considered. The average Jewish female, generally by the example of her parents, has much more ambition and a higher educational level than her non-Jewish counterpart. Then why should Jewish girls not want to marry men who have attained similar educational levels?

We know that in our divorce ridden culture the chances of successful marriages are much greater if people come from the same religious background, have similar interests and similar educational attainments than if the case is otherwise. An excellent example is when two physicians marry each other. They understand the time pressures that each other have, the many years they have had to obtain their education; how they must be available when the need presents itself; they understand what each must give to their very demanding profession and how they can help each other or at times substitute for one another when essential; sometimes life and death matters are at stake. Unlike the nonprofessional wife whose time demands from her spouse is great, the physician wife experiences his pressures as she does her own and identifies with the quality time that can be enjoyed together whenever it is available.

As Jews, as Americans, and as people, let us view the facts, be supportive of our daughters, of our mothers and our wives and judge them with love and reality rather than with the unfounded irrational prejudices of our enemies. Let us stop playing the role of victim and be the chosen people that we are!


Dr. Ursula A. Falk is a psychotherapist in private practice and the co-author, with Dr. Gerhard Falk, of Grandparents:  A New Look at the Supporting Generation (publ. 2002)

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