Clyde Prestowitz

Commentary by Dr. Ursula A. Falk


A Traitor Rears His Ugly Head

Traitors can be found among all people, in any locality and among all nations. When we look at the definition of traitor we find that it is one who commits treason. Treason is the violation of allegiance toward one’s country or one's people.

Howard Dean chose such an individual as his advisor in his bid to gain the Democratic nomination. The appointment of Clyde Prestowitz is the “Meschumed” who denounces his own Jewish people. In his writings he urges that pressure be put on Israel to give up parts of this tiny country to the enemy – the Arabs. He wants to annihilate the only homeland that we ever were able to call ours; to demolish that which we labored for. The desert that we turned into livable land; the only haven that we could flee to when all else failed, the place where we had to defend ourselves from the primitive, hostile Arabs who create violence and turmoil to a once peaceful nation. Prestowitz wants us to return to the persecuted gas oven victims that was the earmark of our existence. He seems to imagine that he would be excluded from his identity of birth and be lauded by the outsiders. He disregards the old adage that we either hang together or he hangs alone. 

It reminds me of others of Prestowitz’ ilk. As long ago as during the first World War Mata Hari (Margaretha Geertruida Zella), a Dutch dancer and spy in German service betrayed important military secrets confided to her by high Allied officers who were on intimate terms with her. In 1917, after she had done much damage, she was arrested, convicted and executed by the French. A more recent traitor, Robert Philip Hanssen, a 56 year old FBI Agent was, arrested in February 2001 for placing a package containing highly classified information at a pre-arranged site for pick-up by his Russian handlers. Hanssen had previously received substantial sums of money from the Russians for the classified information he disclosed to them. As a trusted 15 year employee as an FBI man he was discovered endangering his and our country without compunction. He sold his country and its inhabitants for $600,000 without a flicker of conscience.  

Adolf Hitler is the prime example of a traitor and betrayer. He not only without rhyme or reason annihilated six million of our innocent Jewish brethren, he killed his generals when in his paranoiac mind he believed they were a threat to his existence and had not the slightest regret in any of the brutalities that he committed or had committed through third parties. His crimes of betrayal were so enormous that they are impossible to measure or recount. The heinous nature of his deeds have had an endless impact on coming generations ad infinitum. 

The most blatant recent betrayal was perpetrated by the dictator Saddam Hussein. He betrayed his own people on a continuing basis. Anyone that appeared in this character disordered man’s mind as possibly not being to his liking, or seeming to disagree with him, was instantly killed without so much as a trial. He betrayed his own children and family. He had a wife and a mistress, broke the arm of his son, invited his daughter’s husband to return to his homeland guaranteeing his safety and then had him murdered upon his arrival in Iraq.  

Knowing what we do by having learned about the traitors in this world, past and present, should we allow ourselves to be tainted by a so called human being like Clyde Prestowitz and his anti-Semitic mentor Howard Dean? Let us all make every concerted effort to let our people know what would be in store for them and for us all if we voted for Dean for President. Let us use our Jewish wisdom and do everything in our power to prevent such a disaster. 

Shalom and may Hashem bless us all. 

Dr. Ursula A. Falk is a psychotherapist in private practice and the co-author, with Dr. Gerhard Falk, of Grandparents:  A New Look at the Supporting Generation (publ. 2002)

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