Voting Against Ourselves

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


The Jewish Ethos

Sociologists define ethos  as the personality of an ethnic group. Just as each individual is unique, so is every ethnic group unique. Therefore it is by no means surprising that American Jews exhibit characteristics not found among any other ethnicity.

Most astonishing is the manner in which a majority of American Jews support our enemies and denounce our friends. The best example of this is a group that calls itself “Jewish Americans Ready for Hillary.” They, and a large number of other American Jews, seek to vote and support financially an out and out enemy of Israel and the Jewish people.

The evidence for this enmity is overwhelming. Even before she was married to Bill Clinton, Hillary Rodham opposed Israel and promoted terrorism. Like all so-called leftists or liberals, she has always supported the Palestinian cause, and was at all times an admirer of the terrorist Yasser Arafat. She called Arafat a freedom fighter and Israel an oppressor. In 1999, she embraced Arafat’s wife Suha after Suha gave a speech in the presence of Hillary Clinton in which Suha claimed that the Jews used poison gas in order to increase cancer among women and children. Suha also claimed that Israel contaminated the water sources used by Palestinians with chemical materials. These medieval accusations driven by religious hate are evidently also the views of Hillary Clinton.

Clinton’s hatred of Jews was visible long before she became First Lady. For example, when she and Bill visited a well-connected friend in Arkansas, she noticed that a menorah, a seven branched Hebrew candelabrum, had been affixed to the front door. Seeing this, she refused to get out of the car. Bill explained this rejection of a Jewish friend on the grounds that Hillary was so involved with the PLO in New York that she thought it unconscionable to deal with Jews.

Hillary Clinton is also financially involved with Dubai, an Arab country which leads the divestment and boycott against Israel. The Clinton Foundation has established Dubai study departments in universities in the United States and England. Closely allied to the Saudi family, who are the biggest supporters of terrorism in the United States and Israel, the Clintons collected $10 million from the Saudi royal family for the Clinton library.

More recently, numerous emails sent by Clinton over a period of years exhibit endless criticism of Jews and Israel.  Clinton’s most trusted advisor is Huma Abedin, a native of Saudi Arabia, who advocates the most radical Islamic terrorism and is a supporter of Israel’s and America’s most vociferous enemies.

Despite this abominable anti-Jewish record, the Jewish community largely supports this religious bigot and Jew hater.

A favorite social movement which has gained a great deal of Jewish support is the feminist initiative. Yet the feminists for years have agitated against Jews. These feminists hate America and of course hate Israel. Many of these feminists were born of Jewish parents, yet advocate the destruction of Israel and the persecution of Jews everywhere.

A few years ago, a group of American Jews founded an organization called J Street. J Street is devoted to the destruction of Israel. At their conventions, speakers denounce Jews and Israel and regularly promote the Arab terrorist cause. J Street also has chapters that agitate against Jews and Israel on the campuses of such universities as Columbia, the University of Chicago, and particularly the numerous campuses of the University of California. The J Street followers use violence against Jewish students on these campuses and prevent any form of speech or expression contrary to their opinions. The presidents of some of these J Street U’s are Muslims, who of course  are immensely happy to have been given a platform for their messages of hate by Jews.

The Syrian Civil War has caused over 1 million Syrian Muslims to walk across the Balkans in order to reach Germany, which they regard as the promised land. According to the Pew Research Center’s global attitude survey, 77% of these refugees support Hamas, a murderous terrorist organization. The Pew Research Center also found that 90% of these refugees hate Jews. This comes about because Syrian textbooks teach children to kill Jews wherever they may find them..

The American Jewish community supports these refugees and compares them to the German Jews who fled Nazi persecution in the 1930s and 1940s. That comparison is particularly egregious because the German Jews of the 1930s were not welcome here, as are the Syrian refugees of today. In fact, in my recent book The German Jews in America, I have shown in detail that almost all of the 580,000 Jews living in Germany when Hitler became dictator in 1933 could have been saved. Unfortunately, the American Jewish community regarded German Jews as undesirables on such grounds as the view that all German Jews are arrogant. In fact, the leader of American Judaism at the time, Rabbi Stephen Wise, publicly rejected the immigration of German Jews to America on the grounds that the German Jews were exaggerating the persecutions they suffered, and that Catholics and Protestants were also being persecuted. Since the United States did not enter the Second World War until December 1941, 9 years passed during which it would have easily been possible to rescue the 580,000 Jews living among 62 million Christians. Next to nothing was done to help, so that at the end of the second world war only 5,000 German Jews survived. When some of these few survivors reached the United States, they were rejected by the American synagogues and large welfare organizations, and nothing was done for them unless they had relatives in this country. These Holocaust survivors had lost all their families to murder and usually came alone. Unlike the Syrian refugees, who come in families and who are welcomed by our government and the Jewish community, the German Jewish survivors were on their own. It is  therefore atrocious to compare the German Jewish Holocaust survivors to the Syrian refugees of today.

Now it is evident that the Democratic Party includes all those who hate Israel and Jews and who seek our destruction. The evidence for this can easily be found by reviewing public opinion in America concerning Jews and Israel. For years and now, over 80% of Republicans view Jews and Israel favorably. This is true of only 35% of Democrats.

Normally, then, one would expect the overwhelming number of Jews to vote for those who support us. Yet the vast majority of Jews vote for those who hate us. This, then, makes American Jews unique, for there is no other ethnic group anywhere who would vote for its own destruction.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including The German Jews in America (2014).

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