Political Corruption

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk


The Persecution of Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the 44th President of the United States. The media nevertheless call him the 45th president, although there is no 45th man who ever held that office. Only 44 men were ever president, and Biden will become the 45th president, despite the evidence that journalists can’t count.

Trump is undoubtedly a billionaire. A number of other presidents such as Kennedy and certainly George Washington have also been exceedingly wealthy. Nevertheless there have been several super rich candidates for the presidency who were given no consideration despite their wealth. One is Ross Perot of Texas, another Mitt Romney of Utah, Steve Forbes of New York, Nelson Rockefeller, also from New York , Michael Bloomberg of New York, Al Gore of Tennessee, and John Delaney. Romney and Gore lost although nominated; the others were not even nominated. The difference between those who were nominated and/or elected is that the successful candidates, wealthy or not, belonged to the American ruling class of politicians who had held offices before becoming a candidate for the presidency. Those like Perot and Bloomberg were either never elected to a national office or were not elected to anything before becoming candidates for the Presidency. (Pre sidere is Latin, “to sit before”).

The only exception to that rule is Donald Trump, who never held any elected or appointed political office before becoming president. Therefore he is an invader of the ruling class of perpetual politicians who resent the intrusion into “their” profession by an American citizen who has the gall to get elected to an office that the ruling class considers to belong to them.

The examples of wealthy men attempting to enter politics at the top had money but were not a member of the elected elite. They had no relative already in office. Therefore even their money did them no good.

Now let us look at who gets nominated. First among the darlings of the media is Hillary Clinton. Her election to president was foretold by every part of the media in 2016. All agreed that Trump would lose. When he won, he had insulted the entire so called journalist “Mafia” who meant to get even with the intruder for winning an election that the media had already assigned to Clinton. The media decided to teach the American public that they had no right to elect someone not a member of the ruling clan.

So therefore, the media first claimed that Trump should be impeached (Latin “impedicare” or to tie up) before taking office. Trump was therefore accused of being an agent of the Russian government. When a special prosecutor found that Trump was not influenced by the Russians after the prosecutor spent millions during 2.5 years of the “investigation,” Trump was accused of reducing taxes only for the rich. When he prevented the Chinese from robbing this country of our scientific and economic resources, he was called a racist, even after he closed the country to further Chinese visitors after the Chinese unloaded the virus on us and killed 400,000 Americans without firing one shot. More Americans have died from the Chinese virus than were killed in the Viet Nam war.

When President Trump reduced unemployment to 2.5%, the media ignored this, and when he no longer sent taxpayers’ money to the Arab terrorists, the media shouted “racist” some more. Meanwhile the media never noticed that the Biden family had gotten rich by taking Chinese money. The media did not hesitate to attack Donald Trump’s ten year old son, his wife, and his adult children.

Then came the 2020 election. Promptly the Democrats announced that voters needed no identification. This allowed anybody to vote several times, allowed foreigners to vote, although the Constitution allows only citizens to vote for president. The media never noticed all the fraud involved paper ballots, early voting, late voting, false counting of results, and sudden changes in the election process favoring only Democrats.  Insults and hate messages befouled the airwaves, all directed at the intruder, Trump.

Now let us look at the political establishment. Candidate Clinton is the wife of former president Bill Clinton, a sex maniac who did indeed have “sex with that woman” in the oval office. Then there was John Kennedy, another “ladies’ man” and former president, murdered by his disappointed friends among Chicago’s Mafia. His daughter Carolyn Kennedy became ambassador to Japan although, during the Senate confirmation hearings, she could not find Japan on a map.

In New York, the citizens have to put up with governor Andrew Como, son of the former governor Mario Cuomo. In Alaska, Lisa Murkowski became senator when her father Frank became governor and appointed her senator. In Arkansas, the secretary of state appointed his son and his son’s wife to lucrative government positions, and Dan Boren of Oklahoma, Al Gore of Tennesee and Connie Mack of Florida all had fathers from whom they inherited the seat of Senator.

Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, Jim Cooper of Tennessee, and Jim Matheson of Utah have been governors, as were their fathers. Stephanie Herseth of South Dakota was the granddaughter of a governor and was herself a congresswoman. William Schuster of Pennsylvania, Walter Jones of North Carolina, John Duncan of Tennesee, John Dingell of Michigan, Charles Walsh of New York, Alan Mollohan of West Virginia, Daniel Lipinski of Illinois, and Charles Bass of New Hampshire were all members of Congress and all had fathers who were members of Congress. In Utah we find that former senator and representative Mark Udall is the son of former congressman and presidential candidate Morris Udal. His cousin is former senator and representative Tom Udall, whose father was a cabinet secretary and cousin of Senator Gordon Smith of Oregon, and the late Senator James Jeffords of Vermont was the son of the chief justice of that state.

     Former representative Rodney P. Freilinghuysen has had five ancestors or relatives represent New Jersey before him. Former Sen. Chris Dodd is the son of former Sen. Thomas Dodd and the late Sen. Robert Bennett was the son of a senator from Utah. Former Sen. Mark Pryor of Arkansas is also the son of a senator and former Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine is the wife of John R McKernan, Jr., who was governor of Maine. Former representative Russ Carnahan of Missouri is the son of a Missouri governor and former senator Lincoln D. Chafee of Rhode Island is the son of Sen. John Chafee of Rhode Island. Representative Mary Bono of California and Lois Capps also from California and Joe Anne Emerson of Missouri are all widows of representatives in Congress. Former Sen. John Kyl of Arizona is the son of former representative John H Kyl and representative Tom Allen of Maine was a member of the Portland city council, as was his father and his grandfather. Former representative Charles Gonzales is the son of the late Congressman Henry Gonzalez and ex-Sen. Evan Bayh is the son of the late Sen. Birch Bayh. Previous Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt is the son of former U.S. House majority whip Roy Blunt.

     Representative John Sarbanes is the son of former Sen. Paul Sarbanes, and former Sen. Gordon Smith of Oregon has a brother Milan Smith who was appointed by President Bush to the ninth circuit court of appeals.

      This long list of nepotists represents only a few of the numerous relatives who have become a part of the American oligarchy in a manner similar to that common in monarchies such as Saudi Arabia and the British monarchy of the 18th century from which the American colonists achieved independence precisely in order to escape the nepotism inherent in the monarchical system.

     Nepotism is now also being used to get around term limits. For example, former Ohio State Sen. Timothy Grendell replaced his wife who sat in that seat for eight years. In Michigan three women were elected to the state legislature after their husbands left because of term limits. In Oregon House Speaker Karen Minnis took the seat of her husband in 1998 and William Weld, the former Massachusetts governor, is the great grandson in law of President Theodore Roosevelt. There is also a great deal of political necromancy. For example, Sen. Jean Carnahan is a widow whose husband died while on the stump for the seat she now holds.

     Traditionally the media made it their task to supervise elected and appointed officials and tell the voters about corruption, favoritism and other abuses of power on the part of the people’s representatives. This function of holding accountable those in power has been greatly eroded in recent years, as professional journalists and professional politicians have become one happy family.

     Numerous such examples include Chris Cuomo, son of former Gov. Mario Cuomo and brother of the present governor of New York Andrew Cuomo. Chris has a nightly show on CNN. Then there is Jay Carney, who was appointed Obama’s press secretary. He is married to Claire Shipman of ABC’s Good Morning America. Likewise, Ruth Marcus, columnist for the Washington Post, is married to federal trade commissioner Chairman John Leibowitz. The daughter of Pres. George W. Bush, Jenna Bush Hager, is a reporter for the NBC Today show. Ron Brownstein, a Los Angeles Times reporter, claimed that he would treat Sen. John McCain objectively although Brownstein’s wife, CNN producer Elaine McMenamin is the senators communications director. The daughter of Tom Oliphant of the Boston Globe, a subsidiary of the New York Times, worked on the Kerry campaign and Fox News named Greg Kelly, son of New York Police Department Commissioner Raymond Kelly, White House correspondent.

Shalom u’vracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including Gender, Sex, & Status (2019).

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