Trump & Divine Intervention

Commentary by Dr. Gerhard Falk




The Greek word for God is theos. No God means atheos, so that atheists are people who claim to know that there is no God. This superstition is as ancient as mankind itself and continues to this day. Atheists, also known as humanists, claim that they believe only what can be proved scientifically. This nonsense is laughable, since a consumer model for human knowledge has no scientific basis.   

For example, there is no scientific proof that Beethovenís symphonies are beautiful and inspiring. Nor is there any scientific proof that Rembrandt painted amazing pictures. Yet millions of people support both opinions.

Atheists claim, according to John Dewey, that the universe is self-created. This is absurd. Atheists also claim that all things are human. This is equally ridiculous, as no human being created the earth and all that is therein. In short, atheism is the superstition of all times and is supported only by those whose ignorance is truly amazing.    

Recently we witnessed something that is indeed astonishing. That was the election of Donald Trump for the presidency of the United States. The fact is that all the media in the United States and around the world predicted the overwhelming election of Hillary Clinton. For example, New York Magazine told its readers that they were 100% sure Clinton would win. The Huffington Post claimed that Clinton had a 98% probability of victory and the New York Times predicted that Clinton had an 85% chance to win. NBCís electoral map showed Hillary with more than enough electoral votes to win the presidency, and CBS predicted that Hillary would gain 341 electoral votes, which they called a blowout and predicted the presidential race over.

Similar predictions were made by almost every one of the media in the country as well as by all kinds of commentators. As late as the day of the election, these beliefs still held. It was only late in the night and in the early morning of November 9 that it became evident that Donald Trump had won.

Considering all the bad publicity that Trump received during the primaries and thereafter, this seemed to be impossible.  

Therefore there are those who are convinced that Shem Yisborach saved the Jewish people from the destruction which the Democrats, and Clinton in particular, were about to inflict on the people of Israel.

Recently, the United Nations Security Council voted unanimously that no Jew has a right to live in Israel. Since the United States has a veto right, the Obama administration could have instructed our delegate Powers to veto this resolution. By abstaining, the Democrats and Obama clearly signaled their willingness to see Israel destroyed by the 20 some Arab countries and the 1,500,000,000 Muslims. The fact is that without the support of the United States, the Jews in Israel would probably not survive. Since Clinton would, of course, have continued this anti-Jewish policy, we were saved from another Holocaust by the election of Donald Trump.  We immediately objected to this turn of events.

Two days before the November 8 election, the daughter of Donald Trump and her husband, who are both Orthodox Jews, prayed at the grave of Menachem Schneerson to prevent just such a catastrophe. Shem Yisborach evidently listened to this prayer and now we see that Israel was saved from mass murder by its enemies.

Already Donald Trump has appointed an ambassador who will move the American Embassy to Jerusalem and who will represent the support the Republican community accords to Israel.

There was a time before the election of Obama when both parties supported Israel's survival. That is no longer the case, as the Democrats have become Israelís antagonists.

The lesson here is, that the enemies of the Jewish people were defeated at the ballot box by millions of voters who did not know that they were the tools of Shem Yisborach.

So much for the atheists. May they prosper in their illusions, for they too are the children of the God they deny.

Shalom uívracha.

Dr. Gerhard Falk is the author of numerous publications, including End of the Patriarchy (2015).

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