The Albanian Issue

From: Aleksander Buskalia < >

Posted: 12/20/01

Dear Sirs!

I do not know what your real reasons stand behind writing your article on the Kosovan war ( ), but is very inacurate and extremely insulting. First of all your notes try to portray this war as a war between Islam and Christianity. I am not aware of your knowledge on the region but I think is neccessary to analyse a topic before speaking. Albania was one of the very first Chrisitan nations of Europe. The 500 years ottoman rule forcibly converted some of them into Muslims, but only by name, blood is not somthing you can change. You also continue refering to the SS-Scanderbeg Division as a unit put together by some sort of a Sheik. Well, to enlighten you gentelmen, I must inform you that the order for the creation of SS Scanderbeg was given by Himler himself, and the unit had only christian members. Also you continue to state that they killed hundreeds of Jews in Thesaloniki, Greece. Any historian would ridicule that comment. SS-Scanderbeg operated only in Kosova, Macedonia, Serbia and Albania. They engaged in conflict only with the Yugoslav and the Albanian partizans and none of them ever set foot in Greece. 
What is most strange, is that you seem to miss the fact that Albania was the only country in Europe that protected the Jews and no Jewish person was killed. This, gentelmen is a fact widely recognised by the Jewish communities in Europe. Many Albanians died in the WWII defending their Jewish neighbours.
As I mentioned above, I do not know what your real reasons for the article are, and I am sure that article now is outdated, but you as a nation that has more than anyone else been labeled and picked upon should know more than just to copy /paste articles which were writen on a nationalistic note. 
I do believe that you will do the right thing and remove that post from your, otherwise perfect, web site.

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