Al Tiro

Posted by:  Dr. Ursula A. Falk

Posted on:  12/17/01

"Al Tiro"- Fear not. These are words we heard so often in Nazi Germany in l939. Fear is a crippling emotion and can leave us paralyzed, unable to act in a rational fashion. The dictionary describes fear as: A feeling of alarm or disquiet caused by the expectation of danger, pain, disaster, terror, dread, apprehension.

When fear overwhelms us we often hide or run. Only when we act in a rational fashion are we able to dispel our fears and find a solution to our problem.  This was so aptly done when our President Bush and his capable cabinet acted swiftly and decisively to the nine eleven attack on thousands of our American Citizens by the Taliban. It is seen when the Israelis do not permit themselves to be intimidated by the hostile Arabs who are attempting to annihilate them.  The Israeli Nation does not shrink with fear and paralysis but retaliates with action and decisiveness.  Had the Israelis not taken that stand then and now there would be no Israel today. As a result the Israelis have dispelled the notion that Jews are cowards and have earned the respect of the Christian world. As the late President Franklin Roosevelt put it "There is nothing to fear but fear itself."

Unfortunately because of the fear of being known as Jewish so many of our brethren have hidden their religion, their heritage and ultimately their identity. 

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